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Fashion Craze? Mens Pants with Naughty Bits Built In. ON THE OUTSIDE

February 21, 2010

Sadly, I’m not kidding. From Guanabee:

Fashion With Balls

Designer Isabel Mastache kicked off Madrid Fashion Week with her avant-garde, penis trousers for men. (Not to mention the arm jacket.)

Fashion Craze? Or Fashion Crazy? (groan)

I’m pretty sure the designer hates men, (or has been unlucky in love, to say the least) because look at the pitiful naughty bits that she fashioned:

Images courtesy of

This now totally ruins all the “is that a flashlight in your pocket or are you jut happy to see me” jokes. Okay, I know no one else even likes those jokes, but I’m childish and they make me giggle. But, what are we supposed to say now? The entire “thing” is right the heck out there. Lame pervy jokes don’t work if the innuendo bit is no longer innuendo, but is, instead, right in your face (shaddup).

Worse, if you are going to have naughty bits on the outside of your pants, at least make them .. um… “impressive”. Save yourself from the “dude, your pants are totally not well endowed” snickering. I suppose you could always yell out “‘it was shrinkage!” However, I feel I must let you fellas know — we never believe that story. Hello? It’s not made of cotton, is it?

h/t JCred’s Twitter Feed


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  1. March 7, 2010 8:41 am

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    Rait Raak
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