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Clint Didier: He came, he lost, he whined

August 20, 2010

I usually wouldn’t crosspost local stuff, but this could be an important race, and I don’t think it’s getting enough coverage.  Just putting this out there: I’m totally willing to say I slept with Dino Rossi to increase coverage.

My entire beef with the Teaparty movement (which doesn’t mean I’m anti-teaparty movement) can be summed up in Clint Didier’s oozing sore loser concession speech to Dino Rossi this morning.  Summary:  He’s withholding his endorsement of Rossi until Rossi can commit to things Rossi’s stood for all along. 

KIRO7: Didier said he wants to endorse Rossi if the Republican will promise to support pro-life issues, pledge no new taxes and show that he’s serious about cutting federal spending.

Didier’s still trying to make a winner out of his losing campaign strategy that Dino Rossi is some kind of RINO.  Apparently, RINO now means anyone running on a Republican ticket that you’ve actually heard of before. 

As for the criteria he’s laying out for his irrelevant endorsement, the only way Rossi is soft on abortion is because he favors it being legal in cases of rape and incest.  So do I.  That hardly means we think pregnancies that result from rape and incest should all be aborted.  What that means, for me, is that if for the last 30 years abortion had been illegal except for cases of rape and incest millions of Americans that died in abortions would be alive and millions more Americans would identify as pro-life.  Yes, I’m willing to compromise my principles when they’re covered in blood and stubborn idealism.

Didier’s demanding Rossi promise to vote against any new taxes and against raising existing ones and to support cutting federal spending.  Perhaps Didier should have perused the issues tab at at some point during the campaign.  Or even have just googled Dino Rossi anytime since the invention of googling.  Rossi’s whole platform is cutting taxes and spending.  Always has been.

That spectacle this morning was nothing but a sore loser pity party.  I don’t understand what purpose this serves other than helping Harry Reid’s handmaiden, Patty Murray.  Thankfully, it seems his supporters are in touch with reality.  Washington State political twitter guru, Nansen Malin, has posted multiple tweets about Didier supporters inquiring about Rossi campaign signs, way to support him.

By the way, the primary results were Murray (46%), Rossi (34%) and Didier (12%).  That’s right.  A dead heat.

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  1. August 20, 2010 7:16 pm

    I do wonder, if abortions were solely for saving the mom, incest, and rape, if we’d see an uptick in false rape accusations. Of course that’s not an argument against limiting abortion; it’s one for sternly punishing false witness.

    Being a geek, I shy away from the emotional aspects of abortion and stick to logic and reason. Which led me to become staunchly pro-life:

    • killtruck permalink
      August 20, 2010 7:40 pm

      That’s an excellent point.

      What? You mean there are reasons to be pro-life besides religious fanaticism? Kidding. I think it’s intersting how the left loves science until it comes abortion.

  2. fnulnu permalink
    August 22, 2010 11:25 pm

    Didier, with his big ass Super Bowl sized, apparently doesn’t realize Party politics is a team sport. Jackass.

    • killtruck permalink
      August 22, 2010 11:49 pm

      Nope. It looks like his former supporters get it though. They seem to be graciously joining Team Rossi.


  1. Clint Didier: he came, he lost, he whined « KillTruck

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