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Misogyny is Funny! If You are a Liberal, That Is (And if Talking About Palin)

January 15, 2010

Full article posted at David Horowitz’s Newsreal

Image Courtesy of Newsrealblog

Misogyny is especially funny, if you are talking about Sarah Palin, natch. Newsweek has done it again and I couldn’t let it go unnoticed. Also, I’m madam-ing an article (sounds girlier and more elegant than “pimping”.) I wrote an article about the latest example of Newsweek’s blatant sexism over at David Horowitz’s Newsreal site. Here is a snippet, to entice you, mwaa haa haa. (That’s my evil and maniacal, yet still girly, laughter, by the way):

Jerry Adler over at Newsweek is up to familiar tricks; the typical leftist move of misogyny disguised as “humor”. I know. I didn’t realize Newsweek was still in publication either. Hey, I suppose the hip, cultured and enlightened folks need something to read whilst sipping their Pinot Noir and fantasizing about Europe in their Ivory Towers. And by hip, cultured and enlightened, I, of course, mean the total opposite. Bask in their open-minded and “progressive” glory here(excerpted below):

Win a date with Sarah Palin!
Be among the first to mail in
A boxtop from your favorite ammo
A picture of yourself in camo
And you can take her someplace glam-o!

Imagine how their eyes will pop
When into ‘21’ you drop
With the twinkly winky Fox
Talking head that’s full of rocks.

You’ll draw jealous looks and stares
As you discuss the world’s affairs
She’ll ask you why they needed two
Koreas, wouldn’t just one do?
You’ll ask her how she views the Fed
She’ll show you pictures of Todd’s sled.

Sigh. It’s quite clear to me that the Left, for all their talk of Feminism, are anything but Feminists. You see, they are only For The Women ™ if you are the “right” kind of woman. It isn’t about women, it’s about political agendas and maintaining power. To further their goal, they’ve created a blatantly sexist Sarah Palin meme: she’s a dum-dum beauty queen. Well, guess what …

(I’m ending it there, in postus interruptus , to build suspense so you’ll click and read the rest of the article. Sneaky, yes? Um. I guess it’s not really sneaky if I tell you I’m being sneaky. Sigh)

UPDATE: Also cross-posted at Right Wing News

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