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Cojone-less In Chief

November 13, 2009

Not only does Emperor Obama have no clothes, but naked he is point-and-snicker worthy due to his apparent lack of male parts. After months of dithering over whether or not he would honor General McChrystal’s troop request, he finally made a decision:


Exurban League calls it Ditherpalooza and says the following:

You know Obama’s long-delayed decision on troop levels for Afghanistan? The one Gen. McChrystal sent to the White House about two months ago? And that Cheney claimed Obama was dithering on three weeks ago? That Afghanistan troop request? Yeah, well, tonight Obama decided to throw out all the options and start over.

I don’t know if it is that he is used to Michelle wearing the hideous pants in the family, but he can’t seem to man up. At all. Dude, this is YOUR JOB. Your lack of ability to make ONE decision, a decision that should be easy because it is based on a request from a military expert and someone on the ground in Afghanistan, is putting our troops in further harm’s way. It is also emboldening the Taliban – why on Earth would they pull back or retreat when they know that you are leaving our current troops as sitting ducks and will not swiftly send reinforcements? Good grief, man! I am more of a strategist and a gutsy man than you are and I cry at commercials!

I suggest you stop with all your fancy pants trips, your constant photo opps, including relaxing in the Rose Garden and your ridiculous, worthless “summits” and start “Creating or Saving” some damn Leadership.

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