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The MS in MSNBC Stands For Misogynist Sexists

November 14, 2009

One of the “real news organizations,” according to Obama, is at it again with further displays of overt sexism and outright lies. In a way I’m grateful, because they are continuing to show their true colors. Stay Classy, MSNBC! Mediaite points out some of the most egregious examples from an MSNBC segment today:

Today on MSNBC, Dylan Ratigan spent a few minutes during his Morning Meeting to address, “what is it about Palin that drives America wild?” He and his staff put together a Letterman-esque “Top 10 Reasons America is Obsessed with Sarah Palin.” And you can imagine the direction this goes…

#9? “She’s hot!” #6? Ratigan calls her the “ultimate capitalist” because “she’ll sell anything to anybody for any reason.” And the number one reason America is obsessed with Palin: “Family drama that makes you feel better about your own.”

It’s ironic that they used the tired old Letterman “top ten reasons” list because he himself is a sexist pig who isn’t above ridiculing and defaming children. Remember the “knocked up” joke about a Palin daughter? While he claimed he meant Bristol and not Willow, the 14 year old, it still meant he was calling a beautiful young mother a slutty ho. Letterman, Heal Thyself.

MSNBC went one step further…

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