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Shorter Senator McCaskill: Sorry You Are Broke And All, But How ‘Bout Those Emissions!

March 31, 2011

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is quite pleased about the recession. You see, if you can’t afford, you know, food on your table then you also can’t afford to drive or fly around in jets (not tax-free like she does, though. Silly common folk!) And having no job means no pesky c02-emitting driving to said job. Emissions are down! Isn’t that what really matters?

To Senator McCaskill, it is.



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  1. March 31, 2011 8:34 pm

    Amazing how so many stupid people manage to get elected to Congress.

  2. ant permalink
    March 31, 2011 11:37 pm

    Yeah, well, you know, it takes a long time to put the necessary legislation together to control the people and all, here they didn’t have to actually make a new law to cause misery, it was just a happy side-effect. This is what the Founders intended, right? Total control of the behavior of the masses? Wait, is that right?

  3. molten permalink
    April 1, 2011 5:42 am

    Don’t you guys miss the good ol’ days when Lori used to actually write a post of her own? Now she’s discovered the “lazy grizzly” mode of blogging, where she writes a paragraph in her own words and just links to someone elses work who actually took the time to form an opinion and write about it. Sure, she can now toss out 4 or 6 new posts per day, and still have time to catch her reality shows and down a box of bon bons, but her readers don’t really get to relish the true venom in her heart anymore. It’s a sad day when one of the wackiest voices on the right is silenced by her own lack of creativity.

    • ant permalink
      April 2, 2011 12:33 am

      She actually has taken a position on the subject, as shown by the context and “snark”, sorry if you’re disappointed in the lack of a full-length ‘rant’. But someone so fulfilled as you, someone who needs to troll around Lori’s website so you can contradict and challenge everything from the tired, old lefty angle must be able to find something better to do with their time. Something more creative, maybe?

  4. molten permalink
    April 2, 2011 5:32 pm

    Her “position on the subject” is that she agrees with whatever so and so has written about blah blah blah. There is no need for her to articulate her opinions for everyone to know where she stands on any particular issue. Lori tows the party line like a champ. She’s predicable. I’m only pointing out that she’s gotten lazy grizzly blogger syndrome lately.

    What little “snark” she’s able to sneak into her recent endorsements of other peoples work is just her repetitious shtick, which, along with the word “boobs” gets her a modicum of attention on the internet. She didn’t name her blog “Politics & Liberal Idiocy”…She named it “Snark & Boobs,” and that’s about all she’s got to offer lately.

    As far as the “tired, old lefty angle” goes…you may want to go back and read some of your own posts, ant. The fact that you can’t see how dusty and worn out your talking points are only proves that you’ve got no knack for self-examination.

    You talk about “what the founders intended” when you don’t have a clue about their intentions. You quote the bible but don’t know its history or what’s even in it. Hell, you’re too confused to even admit that you are a christian! You talk about “total control of the behavior of the masses” like you’re the bastard son of Glenn Beck. You even recently dredged up Al Gore and John Kerry when trying to disparage Democrats and their donors…That was a blast from the past.

    It seems that everything you write is stale, overused, hackneyed, trite, dull, stereotyped, conspiratorial, and out of date. I’ll bet dollars to donuts that you’re a birther also, but you’re probably too embarrassed to admit that too.

    In the future, when you direct a comment at me, I believe that I’ll refer to you as “piss ant” because I don’t think that I’ve ever seen an ant as pissed off at the world as you are.

    Carry on.

    • ant permalink
      April 3, 2011 11:47 pm

      Whatever you say, molten. I’m not the one trolling around websites with opposite views from mine, pissin’ and moanin’. Should I pull one of you’re tired,old leftist angles and start whining about you calling me names, like you do? I’m a seeker, jerk-off, that’s why I haven’t wrapped myself in Christianity, I investigate all spirirtual teachings, but I’m not so ignorant (as you) to condemn Christianity, out of ignorance, fear, and ideas you only picked up by being taught to hate Christians by your fellow lefty jerk-offs. I’d have a reasonable discussion with you on why I see no “threat” from Christianity, just as I see none from Buddhism, but I’d be wasting my time and you’d probably just start hitting me with supporting positions you pasted from a fellow traveler because you don’t think for yourself, or you wouldn’t be the lonely, lefty shmuck that you are. I say again, every attempt at “control” of behaivor, language, and speech comes from the secular left, just because you call it a tired talking point doesn’t make it less so, you’re no authority on anything, douche.

    • ant permalink
      April 4, 2011 12:14 am

      Oh, and just so I understand this, douche-bag, when you assumed I was a ‘card-carrying’ Christian I was, in your opinion, wrong and when I’m not a Christian, I am, in your opinion, wrong. Is that the gist of it? So anyone who doesn’t agree with you’re simplistic, adolescent, narrow-minded view is wrong or “using stale talking points”. Do I got you figured, douche-bag?

  5. ant permalink
    April 4, 2011 7:56 pm

    I notice a lack of concern over added pollution and strain on environmental and septic resources caused by over 20 million illegal foreign invaders occupying the Nation’s cities. I wonder why that is?

  6. molten permalink
    April 5, 2011 7:55 pm

    Pissant says:

    “Should I pull one of you’re tired, old leftist angles and start whining about you calling me names, like you do?”

    I’ve been called every name in the book on this site, show me one example of me whining about it. I’m only asking for one example, think you can handle that?

    Pissant says:

    “I’m not the one trolling around websites with opposite views from mine..”

    “I’m a seeker, jerk-off..”

    If you’re truly a “seeker,” then you might want to consider visiting some sites that explore opinions contrary to your own instead of “seeking” only opinions that reinforce your already well established beliefs.

    Pissant says:

    “I investigate all spirirtual teachings, but I’m not so ignorant (as you) to condemn Christianity, out of ignorance, fear, and ideas you only picked up by being taught to hate Christians by your fellow lefty jerk-offs.”

    If you really did “investigate all spiritual teachings,” then you would be sufficiently confident in your knowledge of the bible to admit that there are passages in it that conflict with modern morality. Homosexuality, disobeying one’s parents, doing any form of work on the Sabbath, and many more sins, are punishable by death in the bible. The god of the bible considered slavery a normal part of life, and laid down guidelines that established slaves as less than human. Women are also to be subservient and fearful in the bible, and are considered to be as far beneath men, as men are beneath god.

    But no, you throw out truly liberal quotes from Jesus as proof that there is nothing at all offensive in the bible to moral beings of today.

    “Seeker,” my ass.

    By the way, I don’t hate christians. I am aware that religion provides some people with a reason to be moral, whether through fear of punishment (Hell) or mystical reward (Heaven)…Religion allows some people to have a life with purpose, and the church’s control serves to protect society from that person’s potential actions. In that respect, religion is a good thing. But when I encounter people with a fanatical, even psychotic, devotion to a particular religion, who fully believe that their religion is the “one true religion,” then I can see that there exists a threat to others, and in that respect, religion is a bad thing.

    Pissant says:

    “I say again, every attempt at “control” of behaivor, language, and speech comes from the secular left..”

    And I say again, “seeker, my ass”…Anyone who claims to know anything about religion, but does not acknowledge the social control function of religious beliefs is a complete fraud.

    If you knew any history at all, you’d know that religion was the original mechanism for social control. Now we have laws, and marketing, and many other ways to exert social control, but religion is still one of the biggies.

    Pissant says:

    “..when you assumed I was a ‘card-carrying’ Christian I was, in your opinion, wrong and when I’m not a Christian, I am, in your opinion, wrong.”

    Why would it matter if you’re a christian or not? When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. It’s as simple as that.

    Carry on.

    • ant permalink
      April 5, 2011 11:56 pm

      Mollify whines,”You’re obsessive name-calling only proves that it is you who is “ugly and “angry”.”
      Mollify wants me to consider checking out some sites that don’t agree with my conservative views. How do you know I don’t? How do you know I don’t already know how the left thinks and feels about every issue? Fact is, I already escaped the indoctrination aimed at me in my youth to teach me to react viscerally and “think” with emotions geared toward “social justice”. Trust me, I already know where the left is coming from. The idea that my mind can be changed by the “thinking”(snicker) of the left is laughable. And I, unlike you, would not waste my time commenting on lefty websites, because, for one thing, dissenting views are not “tolerated” by the tolerant left, nor are they printed or debated. Unlike here, where you are permitted to voice your adolescent tripe, and actually have the nerve to ask someone to go absorb “opposing” views. Is that what you are doing? Criticizing everyone here is your idea of “expanding your horizons”? Obama has taught you well the lessons of the dark-side, he has.
      Mollify is so afraid of the left-taught view of the Bible, but me thinks he really has a problem with old-school Judaism. The examples you give prove you don’t know shit about the teachings of Jesus or the “New Covenant”. “Women, fearful and subservient”? You’re thinking of Islam, maybe? You mean fearful and subservient like the prostitute Jesus saved from stoning and traveled with him? I can’t even get into this with you because it is painfully obvious you’re a fool pretending to know, but you know shit about the New Testament. I’d rather argue religion with Bill Mahrer than you, and that’s saying something. You’re ignorance is astounding.
      Molify is again afraid of the left-thought view of religion he has learned so well without question,the “fanatical, psychotic devotion to the one, true religion”. Again, I think you mean Islam, but check your lefty jack-ass handbook bcause I don’t think you guys are supposed to criticize the barbarians due to the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thingy. The “social control function of religion” is also scary, but Mollify fails to recognize that “progressive” is a religion and that the sort of leftist-Socialism you espouse has murder millions more people than Christianity could have hoped to in it’s darkest days. Again, I’m waiting for an example of this “social control function” of CHristianity that gets you all goose-bumpy. Abortion=legal,access to porn=legal, access to the rudest, lowest browe type of humor, story-lines, artwork, etc.=legal, Christ-bashing in art,media,etc.=legal (and you don’t even get you’re head cut off!!)access to any music you’re heart-desires= legal (no thanks to Tipper Gore and the PMRC. Where they CHristian? Nope, secular leftist, Oh my! What a shock!)Do Christians want to tax you’re behavior they don’t agree with? Nope, secular leftists again!! The idea of punishing “sins” via regulations and taxes, all come from the secular left. Smoking, sugar, salt, hell, any food they don’t want YOU to eat (it excludes them, of course), your mode of transportation. Still waiting, mollify, for an example of a specific threat you feel from Christianity.
      You won’t answer, you never do, you have no answers, you’re a brainless, leftist hack. Carry on, douchebag.

    • ant permalink
      April 6, 2011 12:09 am

      Someday, mollify, when you grow up, you’ll find your particular brand of “progressive democrat” is at once the most simplistic, knee-jerk irrational system of responses to situations requiring back-breaking gymnastics of logic to justify itself and you’ll find, if you are truly “seeking”, it is a dead-end and can only be sustained through constant methods of deceit and victim-hood mythology. But I truly waste my time with this.

  7. ant permalink
    April 6, 2011 12:52 am

    P.S., some of the examples you portray as heinously “punishable by death” by the God of the Bible were actually some of the issues that Jesus (believed to be God-of-the-Bible-in-the-flesh) clashed with the Pharisees over. For example, Jesus and the disciples were accused of “doing works on the Sabbath” and Christ was technically tried and condemned for “blasphemy against God and the law”. Another obvious example you have little knowledge of the New Testament and are probably terrified at the thought of reading it for yourself.

  8. Enit permalink
    June 23, 2011 10:08 am

    It’s really amazing how intelligent both sides of that argument sounded, but the critical issue is that Ant’s position includes a little thing called “facts.” It’s always the same story with these iHateAmerica Leftist retards — having no morals and no critical thinking skills, they have only barely learned how to imitate normal people. Thus they put a high premium on vocabulary so they can fool the useful idiots of the world. As put by Ann Coulter, “They’ll lie to 49% of the people if they think they can fool 51%”

    • ant permalink
      July 7, 2011 11:51 pm

      Thank you, Enit, I’m glad somebody read my responses. I have a feelin ‘molten’ did not.

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