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For Democrats, Math Is Hard. So Is The Truth.

October 26, 2010

Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal:

The two latest examples of Democrat ineptitude, incompetence and total math fail come to us from none other than Nancy Pelosi (the best speaker of the house EVAH)  and Joe “doll hair” Biden. First up is Nancy Pelosi with both bad math and shameless lies. As Ben Domenech points out at RedState, Pelosi claimed that Obamacare would create (or save!) 4 million jobs with 400,000 of them being created immediately. While no one else could know what was in the bill, before they passed the bill, she was somehow magically able to pull that figure out of her arse.  Why? Because it was a total lie.  In fact, the bill actually lost Americans nearly 800,000 jobs. (pdf)  Eh. Why let pesky old facts and figures get in the way of lies and damn lies?  Plus, math is hard anyway.

Telling the truth is difficult too, evidently. If you are a Democrat, at least. Remember, that whole “jobs bill” was also a total fabrication.

PROMISES, PROMISES: Jobs Bill Won’t Add Many Jobs

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s a bipartisan jobs bill that would hand President Barack Obama a badly needed political victory and placate Republicans with tax cuts at the same time. But it has a problem: It won’t create many jobs.


”We’re skeptical that it’s going to be a big job creator,” said Bill Rys, tax counsel for the National Federation of Independent Business. ”There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving a tax break to a business that’s hired a new worker, especially in these tough times. But in terms of being an incentive to hire a lot of workers, we’re skeptical.”

Whoops! Jobs Shmobs; it’s all about the speeches, baby. If only they would spend more time explaining their outright fallacies to us rubes. That is the problem, you see. It couldn’t possibly be that everything they touch turns into massive fail.  That’s what happens when the people in charge have never actually ran a business or, you know, lived and worked in the real world. No wonder President Obama, and most of the Democrats on the campaign trail, are always talking about how they “hear stories”.  It is because they have zero real world experience of their own. I wonder if they can see November from their Ivory Towers?

Or, they have delusional experiences. The latest is the paranoid belief in “shadowy groups” giving money to Conservative candidates narrative. You know, super scary nefarious organizations like the Chamber of Commerce.  To be fair, it makes sense that the current crop of Democrats would be frightened of a business organization, seeing as how they obviously believe capitalism and free markets are evil and all.

Which leads me to Joe Biden; the man one heart-beat away from the Presidency. I think he was trying to tie in those sneaky, shadowy Chamber people in here, but I’m not sure.  I’ve forgotten to update my Moron to English dictionary. In any event, here he is in full idiocy, with the press, as always, attempting to cover for him. Their attempt, however, is as patchy as Biden’s hair plugs:

In an interview with Al Hunt of Bloomberg News scheduled to be shown Friday night, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. commented on the need for disclosure when corporate interests contribute to political groups.

“I was amazed at the amount of money, this $200 billion of money that is — where there’s no accountability,” he said. “When I say accountability, we don’t know where it’s coming from. There’s no disclosure, so the folks watching the ad can’t make a judgment based upon motive when you say it’s paid for by so-and-so.”

Mr. Biden clearly meant “million” with an “M,” not “billion” with a “B.”

But did he?

But his tongue slipped again a moment later. “So it really — I’ve never seen this before, so the only caveat I’d put in terms of the House is how much impact this $200 billion are going to mean.”

Math. Is. Hard. What can we expect from a man who can’t even count to four, claiming that J-O-B-S is a “3 letter word”?  It’s so comforting that Joe Biden is the one that The Smartest Man Alive ™ chose to put in charge of overseeing the “Stimulus” money implementation, isn’t it? A billion, a thousand gazillion, whatever!

Ed Morrissey goes on to put that foreign money lie to bed as well.  Like math, the truth is hard. And elections do have consequences, dire ones at time. So, I suggest it’s about time we gave them all a teachable moment ™: Lying, corruption and abysmal incompetence also have consequences.

Let those consequences be next week’s elections.


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  1. nyca permalink
    October 26, 2010 5:13 pm

    Dear Lori,

    I’m not sure if you realize this, but you seem to have botched the one sentence that your entire post is based on. The sentence, where you present your main premise, as well as link to your main source is:

    “In fact, the bill actually lost Americans nearly 800,000 jobs.”

    A bill can’t lose 800,000 jobs. A bill can’t even lose one job. A bill doesn’t have a job to begin with. A bill can eliminate jobs. A bill can create jobs. Americans can lose jobs. A bill can cause Americans to lose jobs. A bill can cause Americans to lose jobs. But what you wrote is total nonsense.

    Now, normally when I come across a piece of writing this bad, I stop reading, assuming that if you can’t clearly communicate the most important sentence in your entire post, you surely can’t put together a convincing argument. But today I saw an opportunity.

    I want to explain to you what the word “lie” means, since your misunderstanding of that word is much more serious than your inability to write.

    A lie is a statement made to intentionally deceive. A lie is not something someone says that you think is incorrect. A lie is not something someone says that you disagree with. A lie is, by definition, malicious. A lie is, by definition, deceitful.

    For your reference, a good example of a lie is the Pentagon’s press release that stated that Pat Tillman was killed by enemy fire back in 2004. The Pentagon knew the truth. They knew he was killed by American soldiers. They knew that saying so would be bad for the dwindling support for the war. So they lied. They were intentionally deceitful.

    You may think that Nancy Pelosi is saying something that isn’t true. What she is saying may very well end up being false. But she is not maliciously passing a bill that she knows is going to eliminate jobs and then deceitfully stating the opposite. She is saying something about the future that you happen to disagree with. She is not lying.

    On the other hand, YOU are being intentionally deceitful when you wrote, “Because it was a total lie” (by the way, a sentence fragment). You are a liar. And since this post is clearly condemning the act of lying, you are therefore, coincidentally, a hypocrite.



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