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Fear of Palin Exposes Feminists as Useful Idiots | Human Events

September 3, 2010

My  latest op-ed at Human Events

The other day I was busily fomenting extremism and evil by home schooling my child and I ended up having to take a break in order to partake in an even further act of extremism:
Telling the Truth.

I noticed two leftist feminists unwittingly, as always, exposing themselves as being anti-woman useful idiots for the left. They were spreading lies and misinformation regarding the apparently super-frightening Sarah Palin and all women like her: you know (cue ominous music), conservative, pro-life women. I giggled at first, because it was rather amusing that it took two of them to write one tripe-filled article.

The two alleged writers, Anna Holmes of Jezebel and author Rebecca Traister, started from the premise that the left needs a “Palin of their own.” As usual for the left, everything is boiled down to gender identity politics. However, they failed miserably at their goal, due to being the perpetual victims that they are. Instead, they only exposed why leftist feminism is not only unnecessary, but also unwanted.

Let’s break down their idiocy, shall we? See, I’m willing to offer a dose of reality in response to each of their delusions. I’m good and helpful like that because, as a conservative, I believe that charity begins at home. The intelligent-deficient need aid, too.

From the start, the authors exposed their true agenda. A Palin of “our” own. Everything is about the collective with the left. They fail to realize that Sarah Palin is an individual. A person. And individuals support her, for various reasons, none of which have to do with her fancy womb. Rather, they support her for her conservative principles and her willingness to take on issues head on, without couching them in politically correct and “let’s all get along ” meaningless rhetoric. She stands up for things, unlike the current President (who never stands up for anything.) Admittedly, it is hard for him to stand up, because he’s usually too busy bowing down.

Please read the full article here

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  1. Joey permalink
    September 4, 2010 6:39 pm

    I love her,and she has a powerful message. She needs to emphasize more states rights and small government. Probably go light on religion,lets not give the left any future talking points,and many conservatives don’t care for too much Bible thumping.

  2. Molten permalink
    September 5, 2010 7:59 am

    Sarah Palin is a media coward. If she really did “take on issues head on” as Lori likes to say, then she shouldn’t be so scared to defend her positions with a media outlet who may ask her tough questions about her policy positions.

    Instead, she does only FOX NEWS and Facebook, and never has to actually defend her statements, or elaborate on them. Lori says, she “stands up for things” but she really only stands up against things. She never actually provides ideas for solutions to the “things” she stands up against.

    Obama may be “bowing down” but Sarah Palin is “bowing out” of true public discourse, and that shows a true weakness in her abilities as a leader, and a person.

    She recently appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio show (where she was assured of nothing but sympathetic air time) to complain about a scathing article about her in Vanity Fair. Did Palin rebut any of the allegations in the article? No. Instead, she came up with new insults about the media, calling them “Impotent, limp and gutless.” Yet who’s running from whom?

    It’s Palin who demands pre-approved questions, who won’t allow the media to record her for more than three minutes, and it’s Palin who won’t do any interview except with a friendly outfit while tossing Facebook bombs with the safety of knowing that no follow up questions will ensue.

    The conservatives who support her like to think that all liberals “fear” Sarah Palin, but that’s hogwash. She could be formidable if she developed confident, articulate debating skills, and had the the “cojones” to go toe to toe with any reporter or pundit from the left. But, alas, she’s just not as tough as conservatives think she is.

    • Joey permalink
      September 5, 2010 8:15 am

      I agree that the left isn’t all that fearful of her. Michele Bachman is the gal I’m watching,sharp and fearless!

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