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Progressives Reduce Women to the Sum of Their Girly Parts | Human Events

August 10, 2010

My latest article at Human Events:

So-called progressives recently gathered in Las Vegas for their annual NetRoots conference, where they celebrate diversity and individual freedom—by marching in lockstep to an ideological agenda and demonizing those who actually embrace diversity of thought and personal liberty.

You know, like those evil conservatives.

While most of the conference was tiresomely predictable, something stood out to me.

Pro-abortion NARAL was there, naturally. But, what was conspicuous to me about their attendance were the buttons that they were giving away and the T-shirts that they were selling, emblazoned with “I heart pro-choice boys” and “I heart pro-choice girls.” Unironically. A vast supply of merchandise that encourages the disrespect of women and the killing of their unborn babies.

Instead of trying to code it up with “I heart pro-choice girls,” they should have just been honest (I know, they aren’t too good at the honesty thing, intellectually or otherwise) and flat-out said, “I heart girls who will let me use them for sex and abort any resulting pregnancy—no responsibility and no respect needed” or, simply, “no muss, no fuss.”

Who wants to think about a pesky, punishing baby when we want to “get some”? Instant gratification, baby.

The buttons basically shout “Come on in. My body is just for your amusement.” Progressive faux-feminists, through their deluded quest for some nebulously defined form of equality through “sexual empowerment” and “reproductive rights,” have achieved nothing but harm to women.


While Netroots was encouraging women to “heart” men who will knock them up, then gleefully take them to the abortion clinic, the conservative conference held concurrently, Right Online, was respecting women as human beings and extolling them for very different things. The right doesn’t reduce women to the sum of their girly parts, as the left does…

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  1. Thag Jones permalink
    August 11, 2010 10:57 am

    Isn’t it funny how they can read so much into so little, yet seemingly can’t (or won’t) see what they’re actually saying with shirts like that. It’s this kind of unwillingness or inability (not sure which it is, honestly) to use reason that leads me to think they must be simply nuts. Those shirts are just tacky.

  2. August 11, 2010 11:17 am

    Noting the picture. What difference would “hearting” pro choice people make to gays? What’s up with that?

    ‘Course, I noticed, too, that Planned Parenthood’s Facebook site was all aglow with the powergrab of the Ninth Circuit over Prop 8, too. So they are really about everything BUT parenthood. Mainly, they’re about hedonism.

  3. Molten permalink
    August 12, 2010 7:43 pm


    The main flaw in your argument comes early, when you accuse those on the left of:

    “marching in lockstep to an ideological agenda and demonizing those who actually embrace diversity of thought and personal liberty.”

    “You know, like those evil conservatives.”

    Lori, are you honestly trying to tell us that you, a staunch conservative, embrace “diversity of thought and personal liberty” and don’t have an “ideological agenda” yourself??

    Or is it that you “embrace diversity of thought and personal liberty” only within the confines of conservative ideology?

    I’m a liberal who believes that personal liberty is impossible without personal responsibility, and I wouldn’t be commenting here if I didn’t enjoy your diversity of thought.

    But I’ve been reading you for a while now, and I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that you respect or embrace the diversity of thought between conservatives and liberals.

    Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it prove your “ideological agenda” to be the owner of a very conservative blog, to crosspost on other rabidly conservative blogs, and to write endlessly negative posts about liberals, feminists, pro-choicers, and anything to the left of your personal beliefs??

    I’m disappointed that you cannot admit your own cognitive biases. Critical thinking doesn’t just mean thinking about how to criticize liberals, Lori.

    Your tendency to see yourself as less biased than other people shows that you really are not a reflective thinker, and that you judge others easily while avoiding any examination of yourself.

    This scenario plays out on both sides of the ideological divide, so I’m not saying that only you, or only conservatives are guilty of denying their biases. Liberals are exactly the same…they’re human. Like it or not, ego, or the “self” is defined by cognitive biases. For you to claim that one side is “marching in lockstep to an ideological agenda” while the other side isn’t, is intellectual dishonesty at its pinnacle.

    The only thing worse then being blind is thinking you see something that isn’t there.

    Here’s a study that states the obvious:

    Click to access nyhan-reifler.pdf

    By the way…Nice tat! You look like a hippy chick in that photo.

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