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Newsweek Frets Over Conservative Hotties; Newsweek, Heal Thyself

June 6, 2010

On June 1st, Right Wing News posted their “20 Hottest Conservative Women in New Media (2010 Edition)”.  Their first edition was last year and it was born in response to Playboy’s Guy Cimbalo and his disgusting hit piece on conservative women. His article (term used loosely) was a list which was comprised of conservative women that he’d like to “Hate Kedoodle”. Only, you know, he used the F word.

In full disclosure, I am on Right Wing News‘ 20 Hottest list. According to Newsweek, I should be ashamed of this and feel objectified. Call me crazy, but I’d rather be on this list than on the list made by their fellow lefty, where one gleefully crows about imagining ways to violently and hatefully assault me. But, that’s just me.

In their lame attempt to try to dismiss conservatives by pulling the tired old hypocrite card, Newsweek once again shows that they are willfully ignorant because they don’t understand us and do not care enough to even try to do so, and that they are rank hypocrites themselves, and sexists to boot.

They don’t comprehend that as strong and confident conservative women, lacking an ounce of our liberal counterparts’ perpetual victim hood, we embrace all aspects of our gender. As such, we have no problem looking pretty whilst vivisecting you verbally in an argument. We aren’t simpletons; we can multi-task! And we know that if one appreciates how you look, it doesn’t preclude them from also appreciating your mind and your political discourse. Well, at least it shouldn’t. Evidently, that isn’t possible on the left.

Newsweek was so concerned about this list, they decided to sneer contemptuously, disguised as “concern,” while painting the entire list as merely women who look good in face book pages. They also attempted to smear me personally as some dum-dum bimbo. To wit:

“… but by any sensible standard, it’s clear-cut sexism: women trying to compete on the same intellectual playing field as the men being ranked for how sexy they look in their online profile, not how scathingly they dissect Obamacare.

But let’s say you don’t buy the idea that this is objectification. Come on, you say, anyone who calls her blog Snark and Boobs knows she’s trading on sex appeal.”

Listen, Newsweek. Most women like being complimented. Here’s an estrogen-insider secret for you; when a woman asks you if her arse looks fat, it is because she knows it does not. She just wants to hear you say it.  She knows she looks good; she’s already run the outfit by three girlfriends and her sister. She wants to be told she’s purty. And being told she is pretty doesn’t somehow magically remove her cerebral cortex (except maybe in Janeane Garofalo’s case. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened there).

Secondly, If any of your reputed journalists had bothered to simply ask me, I would have told you what the name meant. No, it is not “trading in sex appeal.” It is meant in humor. You see, we conservative women like our girl parts and will even poke fun of them from time to time. Good thing I didn’t name it my other thought, Boobsandsammiches, huh? Your heads would have exploded. Oh well. Next time!

I’ll speak only for myself because, unlike you, I don’t speak out of my arse – which doesn’t look fat, by the way, even if that offends your sanctimonious sensibilities – for others. I’m not trading in sex appeal. I’m a mother who home schools her daughter. I am a bookworm, a nerd, a person who cares deeply about the state of our country and the world, and someone who is quite content staying home.

I blog at several sites, most of which are comprised of mainly men, and I didn’t “trade on sex appeal” to get there, nor do I bring sammiches. (Although I would, if asked. Cooking doesn’t demean me either. I’m good at it and also enjoy the ego stroke of being told so). I’m also a woman who will not apologize for, nor feel demeaned by, the fact that she can, at age 39, wear a bikini to the pool and look darn good in it.

The problem is, you don’t truly think that is possible. How could a woman look feminine, yet still be accomplished? Worse, a mother! That’s crazy talk! You made that perfectly clear with the oh-so-respectful cover that you ran (shown above) on Sarah Palin. A Governor. With more executive experience than our current President and Vice President combined (and it sure shows now, doesn’t it?) To you, none of that mattered; She can’t possibly have a brain. She’s a beauty queen and all!

Y’all never stopped writing in your slam books, did you? Still smarting from the sting of being shot down for prom? It’s time to grow up. Learn these lessons first: Women are beautiful and successful. Women are feminine and accomplished. Women can look good and spout political opinion with the best of them. Women are not children and can handle being told that they are attractive and not feel diminished by it.

Perhaps it’s not your fault. Y’all must not get out much, since you are busy frantically trying to save your magazine and all. I suggest that once you are officially out of work and have more free time, you look to yourselves and your esteemed colleagues and take on your own sexist hypocrisy.


Follow Lori  on Twitter and read more of her work at Snark and Boobs, iOwntheWorld , Right Wing News and Red State.

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  1. killtruck permalink
    June 6, 2010 3:51 pm

    Hmm, I can’t leave a comment until I decide whether I’m more insanely jealous of your brainy hotness or that Newsweek hates you. 😉

    • June 6, 2010 5:33 pm

      For the record, if I can say this without my wife finding out and beating me to a pulp 😛

      1) You should be honored. And I enjoy reading your columns and sharing them with others. Few PEOPLE, of either gender, have brains and beauty. You do.

      2) You’re MUCH prettier than the one than Ann Coulter… *ducks and runs before anyone sees him blushing*

    • Lori Ziganto permalink*
      June 6, 2010 6:40 pm

      Ha! You have no cause to be jealous of the former! However, you may worship me now for the latter, heh heh. I’m rather proud of their hatred! 😀

  2. June 6, 2010 8:07 pm

    Loved this article. I quote you every now and then in my weekly email commentary. You are so right. And newsweek may soon become Newsmax, and maybe then tell the truth. Keep going, girl . . . OJ

  3. JoeCItizen permalink
    June 6, 2010 9:21 pm

    “The problem is, you don’t truly think that is possible. How could a woman look feminine, yet still be accomplished?”

    Oh c’mon. You can’t really just say anything get people to nod along, even if they wish you well. There are plenty of critiques you can justifiably make of the libs, but no one really believes that this is one.
    Of course they know it is possible. There are a hell of a lot of hot, accomplished women on the left as well as the right.

    “She can’t possibly have a brain. She’s a beauty queen and all!”

    Think, for chrissakes, before you write. Jennifer Granholm is, arguably, hotter than Palin, and a former beauty queen, and has been a governor of a much more important state for 4 times as long as Sarah. And on short lists (based on actual merit) for federal positions, including the Supreme Court.

    So no, libs have no problem acknowledging the co-occurence of brains and beauty. The force of the Newsweek critique is that RWN would never do a contest of who is the smartest or most insightful woman in the blogosphere. Your brains had nothing whatsoever to do with your inclusion on the list. You could be dumb as a post, but if you were beautiful and had a blog, then you would be included. That was the objection, and it has some validity.

  4. June 6, 2010 10:15 pm

    I found your blog from Newsweek.

    As a New Zealander, I find this whole “Quick boys, get some dumb bimbo out on stage to get the Redneck vote!” curious.

    I come from a country of VERY “liberated” women, we’ve had a couple of female Prime Minister’s (that means “President” ) before, women run our biggest companies, no big deal. Why *WOULDNT* 50% of the population succeed ?

    I didnt quite pick up your reason for the name “snark and boobs”, so you mention your “assets” because you like them? And that becomes a “brand”? I mean, were you male, would you call your blog “snark and balls”? Perhaps you would, are you one of those Right wingers who puts rubber testicles on your oversized Tonka truck?

    I find Right Wing blogs amusing 🙂 Yes, those “Liberals” and their message of peace and love must be a HUUUUUGE threat to our “liberty”, keep clutching those guns!

    • June 6, 2010 10:32 pm


      You mean *this* message of peace and love?

      Or *this* message of peace and love:

      Spare us the myth of left-wing love fests. Historically it doesn’t wash. For every one instance of ‘right-wing’ hate one can legitimately find. History shows us at least five from the left. And the left always loves to kill by millions and say nothing’s happened.

      “Progressives” never want to see the end their ideology has always led to. Conservatives accept that history matters.

      And I don’t own a gun, though I’ll defend any law-abiding citizen’s right to own one.

      • June 7, 2010 11:01 am

        I would agree that there are several instances of violence and hate on the left, but how do you react to the fact that most pacifists (yes, these people do exist, whether they be crazy hippies or whatever) tend to lean to the left? Do you think they are truly leaning right and don’t know it? I’m not taking one side or the other, I’m just curious. It has been the long time trend for pacifism to be associated with far left. Is this just coincidence?

        • killtruck permalink
          June 7, 2010 11:05 am

          Pacifists are naive idealogues who have trouble committing to a salad dressing at a restaurant yet have the audacity to condemn those with the courage that makes every good thing in their lives possible.

    • killtruck permalink
      June 6, 2010 10:36 pm

      Make sure you remember to be a proper southern lady and send Newsweak a thank you note for high calibre traffic like this.

  5. Molten permalink
    June 7, 2010 4:28 am

    Lori says:

    “Women are beautiful and successful. Women are feminine and accomplished. Women can look good and spout political opinion with the best of them. Women are not children and can handle being told that they are attractive and not feel diminished by it.”

    Unless you’re a successful and attractive liberal woman, or Janeane Garofalo. Right Lori? Then it’s all “perpetual victimhood”…As if you’re not playing the victim card right now, with this post?

    You claim that the name of your blog isn’t “trading in sex appeal,” but you’ve got a donate button that says “Stimulate me” and goes on to assume that your readers would take that to mean sexually stimulate you. Is this just more “humor” because you like your “girl parts” so much?

    I’m wondering, if you assume that you’re so hot that men visiting your page would want to stimulate you in that way, why do you feel the need to tell us you’re “arse” doesn’t look fat, or that you still look good in a bikini at age 39? And why is it that every photo of you on this page has been “softened” in photoshop?

    Your insecurity is showing.

    • Lori Ziganto permalink*
      June 7, 2010 4:42 am

      Are you insane? Honestly, I’m asking.

      I write at RedState, NewsReal, Right Wing News, iOwntheworld and Hot Air’s Greenroom. Most of those sites don’t even show a photo, nor do they have any of the joke-y comments that I have here. This site is archival; I cross-posts my posts from the above referenced sites. It’s a personal blog site that is just fun for me.

      As for feeling the need: Why do you feel the need to presume that women should be apologetic for or should feel somehow ashamed of how they look? And if they dare, DARE, mention it, they must be some insecure skank trying to get attention?

      Secondly, what photos on this page? The only one on this page was taken with a cell phone and put up as is.

      Your insecurity is showing.

      Your sanctimonious ass and your misogyny is showing.

      • Molten permalink
        June 7, 2010 3:02 pm

        I don’t feel that women should feel apologetic or ashamed of their looks, but the things you wrote in this post seem to be trying to convince someone (maybe yourself) that you’re actually worthy of being on this “list” that you so covet. There’s a big difference between being apologetic or ashamed, and boasting that you look great in a bikini.

        By the way, I fully endorse you slapping a photo of yourself in a bikini on this page…You know what they say…”if you’ve got it, flaunt it.”

        I understand that this is your “fun” page, Lori, and you certainly should do whatever you want with it, including using sexually provocative “humor,” and cutesy made up words like “for realsies”…It was just an observation on my part that you’re using sexual imagery here to solicit financial contributions.

        You only used about four paragraphs to deny that you’re “trading on sex appeal,” that seemed kind of excessive to me. Who are you trying to convince?

        The photos I was referring to are the two obviously altered ones that are on your “about me” page, plus your main photo which I believe has been softened and resized regardless of your denial.

        My main problem with your post is that you denegrate liberal women as “perpetual victims” and then try to elevate conservative women as somehow being superior to them because “You see, we conservative women like our girl parts and will even poke fun of them from time to time.”

        Is this the new Sarah Palin feminism? Where only conservative women can dissect the health care bill while dancing on a pole? Or are you willing to admit that your generalizations about liberal women don’t hold water, and that all women are capable of being sexually confident, able to poke fun at their girl parts, and be politically astute as well, regardless of their position on abortion?

        Because if you’re not willing to include all women in your philosophy, then you’re just a partisan hack, and not a new feminist.

        • killtruck permalink
          June 7, 2010 3:21 pm

          It’s the trifecta: boring, long winded and liberal

        • killtruck permalink
          June 7, 2010 3:23 pm

          Liberal women do portray themselves as perpetual victims when they demand equality and then bitch when they get it.

          • Molten permalink
            June 7, 2010 3:45 pm

            All liberal women who demand equality do that?…Really?

            Do all conservative women talk in generalities also?

            That’s like if I were to say that all conservative men are ignorant rednecks. Some are, but most are not, so I would never say something so stupid.

            You must have a low opinion of women in general if you presume to so easily pigeonhole them based on their political leanings.

            Personally, I find that truly intelligent women rarely conform to stereotypes.

            • killtruck permalink
              June 7, 2010 4:45 pm

              I have a low opinion of modern feminism, which consists solely of liberal women.

              Which reminds me,

              “Is this the new Sarah Palin feminism?”

              The type of feminism that Lori, Palin and myself subscribe to is nothing new. It’s what the original feminists, the suffragettes subscribed to. It’s not a new kind of feminism. It’s authentic feminism.

    • killtruck permalink
      June 7, 2010 10:39 am

      Holy crap. You people have GOT to lighten up.

      I was around for the birth of “snarkandboobs”. My friend was belittled by over her sex appeal long before she chose that handle. You’re reading way too much into it and your ingorance and narrowmindedness is showing. “Snarkandboobs” started as the name of a women’s issues section on another group blog and a twitter handle. If some of you weren’t so dense you could see it’s her way of mocking YOU.

  6. Larry permalink
    June 7, 2010 8:22 am

    Liberals are the perpetual victims? Wow…talk about projection. Yet another example of your typical ignorant and blind republican douchebag.

    • killtruck permalink
      June 8, 2010 2:32 am

      The way you make a broad generalization about Republicans while attempting to make a point about Republicans making broad generalizations amuses me.

  7. SurferDoc permalink
    June 7, 2010 9:36 am

    I enjoyed the article and the thoughts behind it. Don’t let the jerks grind you down. Real men adore strong, smart, attractive conservative women. Liberal whiners? Not so much.

  8. Chris permalink
    June 7, 2010 10:38 am

    Wow!!!! Reading some of the comments just makes your point Lori. It seems that some people have to dig and dig to find the “real” reason that you say something. According to them, t must be that you’re a dumb bimbo and can only get by because your “arse” is not too big.

    JoeCitizen says – “The force of the Newsweek critique is that RWN would never do a contest of who is the smartest or most insightful woman in the blogosphere.”

    No, all they do is agree with lists like the one you mentioned, where some idiot writes about the women he would like to “Hate F___.” That makes so much more sense than ones that talk about a woman’s brains and beauty.

    The worst part is that they call us neanderthals. Keep up the good work Lori and continue to exercise so that your “arse” and the second part of your blog title continue to haunt your detractors.

  9. killtruck permalink
    June 7, 2010 10:41 am

    P.S. Oh my God, it’s just a list!

  10. Steve permalink
    June 7, 2010 3:46 pm

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Keep up the Great Work!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange/?

  11. Paul_D permalink
    June 7, 2010 9:26 pm

    I write at RedState, NewsReal, Right Wing News, iOwntheworld and Hot Air’s Greenroom.

    Ah, the journalistic equivalent of saying you’ve cooked at five restaurants, except they all had drive-thru windows.

  12. Bogomil permalink
    June 7, 2010 9:58 pm

    I looked at the list on a lark and fell in love with the name SnarkandBoobs I am going to share with my wife shortly.

    I have only one problem with the list – they should have hired a photographer to take proper (???!!!) pictures. No, not that kind! Pictures like Madilin Mulkin’s.

    SnarkandBoobs love it!

  13. June 8, 2010 12:10 am

    I would really love to hear all about “these liberals”, these mythical beings conjured up as evil…you know, sort of reminds me of McCarthy…..”the communists! oooh, they’re evil, they dont love OUR America you know! Why, I bet Obama shits on the flag every morning, thats if he even HAS an American flag!”….

    Give it a break! I also have a question, if you guys are so “right” (in both senses of the word), then how did you get beaten by these “whiny” “liberal” “pacifists”? How did they “take over” your media, if you have all your guns and gods?

    I mean, I voted for my countries Centre Right party, they are much more like your Democrats than your Ultra Right party, the Republicans. I’m far from a “liberal”.

    But why is it that all Right Wing people in the USA have to be “hawks”, and always invading and fighting with people? Instead of…HELPING…like your Jesus fellow is all about? When you look at God and Jesus, dont they seem awfully “liberal” to you? When I hear how you talk, I dont see anything about helping other people, its all bashing those “liberals”, whoever they are.

    Now, if your problem is that those “pacifist” “liberals” beat you up at school every day, calling YOU names, do you think you could do the right thing and move on? Things dont have to be “bi partisan”, I dont think the average NZer would even know what that term meant!

    Women dont have to be going on about their boobs or arses all the time to be appreciated! We should just act as regular people, and be treated with the same respect, regardless!

    One last example, I’m Vegan, and yet I’m “centre Right”. How come USA “Right Wingers” are so into killing animals, IE Palin, and Veganism, nonviolence, in the USA, is associated with the “Liberals”, IE the Kucinch’s?

    Just relax guys!

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 8, 2010 2:15 am

      I love when people bring up McCarthy as if that was the darkest dystopian time in our history.

      Wilson was far far far worse. And guess what!  He was a progressive.  McCarthy never had a man thrown in prison for saying in his own home why he refused to buy war bonds.  The government in the McCarthy era never aquited a man of murder after he shot a man in broad daylight infront of a crowd because the victim said “god damn America”.

      McCarthy never started a movment called the negro project aimed at cutting the black population.  (that was margrate sanger btw,  the one for which planned parenthood’s maggy award  was named after; you know planned parent hood, the organisation pushing abortion; you know abortion, that thing that according to the AMA ends 512  black pregnancies out of 1 thousand)

      I could go on for hours

      but yea no your right,

      McCarthy causing a few people in Hollywood to get fired yea that was the worst time in this country. 

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 8, 2010 2:28 am

      Helping people like jesus did.

      Well who do you think gives more to charity each year. (give you a hint it isn’t liberals)
      <a “logicfail”>

      It is sooo much easier to feel good about your self when your charitable with OTHER peoples money. How eles could I make sure I still get my iPod. And hey those rich people can afford it so if I have to be charitable let me use money collected under threat of leathal force by the government. That is why we made sure that the government has a monopoly on guns in my country in the first place right? I mean really do people expect me to help others with my own money?

      I would like to but I have to have fun too!

      <a “logicfail”>

      Lol. 😉 This is why liberals are so cute.

      *pet pet pet

  14. June 8, 2010 1:23 am


    Your post is so full of generalities I don’t know where to begin. One is your assumption that the Republicans are “ultra-right.” It’s not, historically or presently. The Duopoly drifts ideologically far more than in multi-party states.

    Second, you’ve bought the Lamestream American Media’s summary of ‘bitter-clingers.’

    Third, I’d point out that if the US wasn’t willing to defend other nations, pacifist nations…like New Zealand, would have been overrun by the Japanese and others long ago. Being in favor of defending one’s interests does not mean being a ‘hawk.’ And being willing to fight to defend another nation is *not* being unwilling to “help.” In fact, there’s no greater love than to lay down one’s life for a friend. I seem to recall reading that somewhere…

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 8, 2010 2:35 am

      It is also fun to note that in an almost strait line transfer European countries are cutting military spending in Their boarders while we increase military spending in THEIR boarders.( the strait line is seen only in aggregate as individual small countries cut faster than we deploy in their limited boarders) We are their military we protect them from invasion. Hell 54% of the worlds military spending is done by us. We subsidise the welfare states by paying for the true functions of any state (ie defence)

  15. Paul Moore permalink
    June 8, 2010 4:42 am

    Joe Citizen- I can’t believe you compared Granholm to Palin! Come on up to Northern Michigan where the 20% unemployed are surviving on Venison and Walleye while we develop our black market alternative economy. Jennifer is all about paybacks to the unions who stuffed the ballot boxes downstate to get this failure re-elected. To paraphrase F. Gump Fitzgerald: “Purty is as purty does.”

  16. EricD permalink
    June 8, 2010 11:05 am

    Loved the article. Keep at ’em.

  17. June 8, 2010 9:19 pm

    You certainly belong on the list and I think your mind is “sexy”. Bet you never heard that line before.

  18. Tennessee Budd permalink
    June 9, 2010 1:35 pm

    Lori, judging from the leftist comments, your blog now has lots more boobs than it began with.
    Keep up the good work. If you’re pissing off leftards just by expressing your opinion, you’re doing something right.

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