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Why Are These Actors So Racist?

May 16, 2010

Via WeaselZippers:

US actors and liberal intellectuals joined a list to be published Friday of nearly 2,000 people accusing President Barack Obama of allowing human rights violations and war crimes.

“Crimes are crimes, no matter who does them,” the statement reads over pictures of Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush due to appear in the New York Review of Books.

The statement, published as a paid advertisement, accuses Obama, who was elected in 2008 with the enthusiastic support of US liberals, of continuing Bush’s controversial approach to human rights in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in domestic security.

It takes aim especially at Obama’s decision — reported by US officials — to authorize the killing of a radical Islamic cleric and US citizen Anwar al-Awlaki, who is accused of ties to Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

“In some respects this is worse than Bush,” the statement says. “First, because Obama has claimed the right to assassinate American citizens whom he suspects of ‘terrorism,’ merely on the grounds of his own suspicion or that of the CIA, something Bush never claimed publicly.”

Among the signatories are linguist Noam Chomsky, “L.A. Confidential” actor James Cromwell, actor Mark Ruffalo and prominent Bush-era anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan. By midday Thursday there were 1,804 signatures.

They also lambast Obama for having refused “to prosecute any members of the Bush regime who are responsible for war crimes, including some who admitted to waterboarding and other forms of torture, thereby making their actions acceptable for him.”

After I picked myself up off the floor, where I had collapsed in a heap of schadenfreude-y laughter, I started to worry about the poor actors. I mean, sheesh! How are they going to work out that whole boycotting themselves deal? And blaming themselves for all the wrongs in the world? That’s what happens when you oppose any of Obama’s policies, right?

A bomb attempt? Must have been someone disgruntled over health care.

State’s try to do on their own what Obama’s administration wont’ do? Racist. Also, nazi.

I just hope Shakira weighs in on this issue. I can’t make a fully informed decision until I know how she feels.

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  1. killtruck permalink
    May 17, 2010 10:16 am

    Good for James Cromwell. He’s completely insane. He composts his own waste. His. Own. Waste. But I have to give him credit for standing by his principles.

    • Donnie permalink
      May 18, 2010 11:12 am

      At least he’s sharing his own waste with others instead of selfishly hoarding it. He’s got spread his “wealth” around.

  2. May 24, 2010 4:57 pm

    Tee-Hee, Tee-Hee ! That`s so funny I just had to laugh. Now I`ll just get myself up of the floor. Keep up the good work. Luv Ya.

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