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Taking Feminism Back: Sarah Palin Endorses Nikki Haley for SC Governor

May 14, 2010

Today, in Columbia, South Carolina, two of the women who are showing America what true feminism is, will appear together, at which time Sarah Palin will officially endorse Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor. I had the honor of meeting Nikki Haley, and hearing her speak, in Atlanta at the Red State Gathering last Summer.

She’s even more impressive in person than she is on paper (or web). She was one of several women, including Liz Cheney whom I also adore, who spoke at that event, each as impressive as the next.  All smart as whips, charismatic, charming, quick, impassioned, energetic and with a fighting spirit embodying my personal motto: “Walk softly. But carry a big lipstick.”

The left hates that phrase and they have ridiculed me for it on more than one occasion. You see, they don’t get it. It’s not surprising, really, as we’ve all known for some time that while the left trots out the For The Women ™ meme constantly, they are anything but.  The same way that self-avowed modern day feminists are anything but feminist. In fact, they are diametrically opposed to feminism, by it’s very definition, because their entire agenda is actually harmful to women. This is why I now call them Femogynists and I’m taking the term feminist back.

True feminists are women like Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley. They are the new faces of feminism. That has a great built-in bonus, too — they are far easier on the eyes and exhibit none of that irksome hysterical screeching like the already irrelevant and soon to be extinct femogynists. They, and women like them, are coming to the forefront now.

We’ve had it, you see. We are angry. We are tired of femogynists claiming that they speak for us. We are tired of being sneered at as gender traitors for not toeing the faux feminist line and by daring to be pro-life. We are tired of the attempts to diminish Motherhood. We are tired of women being painted as perpetual victims by the left, in need of Big Daddy Government to save us.

We are tired of working so hard to raise our families and having the government take more and more away. We are angry at being treated like  children who aren’t capable of running their own lives, even down to what foods we eat. We are angry that our children’s futures are being squandered and we are fearful that they will never know the country we knew and love. We are angry that we are losing our freedom. That old phrase “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?” Say hello to the scorned (I’m waving at you right now)

We are the women whom the left hates. And, you know if the left hates us, we must be doing something right, yes? They hate us because they don’t understand us, they actually believe that women are lesser, and they have a perverted definition of equality. With all their claims of “equality”, they don’t honestly believe that at all. Amanda Marcotte, once head blogger for cheater and long-time paternity denier John Edwards,  exposed that when she recently tried to explain why all women should be liberals:

For me, women’s rights and liberalism are, in my mind, pretty hard to unhook, and it fascinates and amuses me that you see conservatives complain that feminists are always with the democrats, as if there’s ever going to be a form of conservative feminism. You look at someone like Sarah Palin trying to wear that mantle, and you see the flaw in trying to be a so-called conservative feminist, which is that you’re not very pro-women. Women need things for equality that tailor very neatly to the general liberal agenda: Clean environment, universal healthcare, civil rights, individual rights, bodily autonomy, things like that. I fail to see how the two agendas are all that different.

Who is not very pro-women, Miss Marcotte? Silly me! I suppose you must be right because I’m a big dum-dum. How can mere women care about pesky things like the economy or icky military stuff? Math is hard! And that’s for boys! (Well, except for President Obama, evidently). I should just shut up or start screeching about my “right” to abort unborn babies so that I can be “equal” and care about pretty stuff like the environment.

Yeah, not so much. I’ll stick with Sarah Palin, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, Michelle Bachmann, Michelle Malkin and other strong, brilliant Moms.

I believe that the left is in for a rude awakening and a nice long time out given to them from said Mommies. Leave it to Mommy to make it all better, as always!

(Originally posted at David Horowitz’s NewsReal)


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  1. May 15, 2010 10:44 am

    I’m for Sarah Palin. I would much rather have her take care of my house or my kid or my car for a week or so, than Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, San Fran Nan, Henry Waxman, Amanda Marcotte, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid or any of those other weirdos.

    The hardcore left-wing whackos actually agree with me about this. They, too would rather Sarah Palin take care of their personal things than any of the aging hippie malcontents with whom they so regularly entrust much weightier things. But if you look closely you’ll notice they themselves are not directly harmed by the incompetence of these trustees. If they had to choose between sending their kids to summer camp with Counselor Obama or Counselor Palin, they’d pick Palin.

    You see what is happening here: In spite of all the snarking and all the anger and the yelling and hurt feelings on the left, there isn’t really much disagreement about what all these people are “qualified” to do. The disagreement is about what is involved in these jobs. The notion that these are positions of “trust” is a colonial-era idea that our “progressives” want to retire to the ashbin of history. They aren’t thinking of trust, they aren’t even thinking of authority. They’re thinking of power, and in their world power is to be thrust upon whoever is the wildest party animal. It’s more fun that way.

    See, Marcotte will not admit to this — you see how she’s trying to cover it up, up there, with her comment about “women need these things” — but she lives in a flat world. It’s a world in which things do not happen as a consequence of other things. There are just good people, bad people, good ideas and bad ideas. If you’re a good person, you have to prove it over and over and over again by proclaiming your opposition to “bad” ideas, and to the “bad” people associated with them. She really isn’t concerned about anything outside of that, because she’s never had to be. She’s just another sheltered professional-college kid.

    Other than that, and this, I really don’t have any opinions about it.

  2. May 15, 2010 6:41 pm

    Preach it sister! Looks like a pretty impressive line-up you have with you.

  3. May 16, 2010 12:48 pm

    It was horrifying and fascinating to watch how the ascension of a Sarah Palin stripped all the fake nobility and sisterhood claptrap from these harpies and revealed the true blackness at the heart of this family-hating ideology. There is no level too low in their campaign to make her go away. Her love of God, country, her children, and her ability to withstand the attacks, are examples for all true feminists. Thank you for this piece. Everyone should read it.

  4. May 16, 2010 9:27 pm

    Great article Lori. Read it first over at HotAir… you’re getting around, girl! All the better… Have a need to post now about “walk tall and carry a big lipstick” – love that phrase!

    cheers from the south Pacific,
    Lisa G in NZ

  5. captainfish permalink
    May 16, 2010 11:21 pm

    “True feminists are women like Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley. They are the new faces of feminism.”

    why you so hatin’?


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