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Gives New Meaning to the Term Republican Whip

March 30, 2010

Whips and Chains, that is. From the Daily Caller:

A Republican National Committee staffer was fired after The Daily Caller reported Monday that the committee paid a bar tab of nearly $2,000 for young GOP donors at the risqué, bondage-themed Voyeur West Hollywood nightclub.

An RNC statement released to the New York Times on Monday night suggests that Erik Brown — a California political operative who FEC filings show was reimbursed by the committee for the Voyeur outing and who several Republicans have told The Daily Caller feels like he’s been thrown under the bus by the RNC following the event — was asked by the terminated staff member to charge the bar tab on his credit card.

Apparently, not just any old bondage either. Lesbian bondage! Oh, if only our society was tolerant enough to allow staffers a little lesbian bondage club down (heh) time. Democrats, as expected, made a fuss about it . And, of course, brought race into it. Talk about your one-note narratives! Lesbian bondage and they have to resort to the old race-baiting? Sheesh.

But it would still present a bit of an image problem to fire the one prominent black Republican in America.

Oh, yes, Steele is the ONE prominent black Republican. Sigh. Anyway, why do Democrats hate lesbians? And “sex industry workers”? Homophobes! Philistines!

But, as Allahpundit said, this is the real issue:

The real issue, I dare say, is that if you’re going to risk a media clusterfark and the antagonism of a huge chunk of your base by conducting official business in some sort of S&M theme restaurant, use. your own. money.

Lesson learned, I hope, young GOPers! All I really want to know is if the lesbian bondage club RNC staffer scandal dude, Erik Brown, is going to blame Bush?

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  1. March 30, 2010 2:30 pm

    I figure that as long as small children and animals aren’t involved, and everybody’s a consenting adult, this is so non news. 😀

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