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This ‘Miss Me Yet’ Billboard Has Me Giggling Madly

March 24, 2010

Yet another “Boy, do you stink, Obama” billboard. A take-off on the Bush “Miss Me Yet” picture and billboard, this latest one is an instant classic.

Image Courtesy of

According to StoryBalloon, who was sent the picture by a reader, the picture is labeled: Ennis, TX. I-45 and 287.

Don’t mess with Texas!

I wonder if the billboard owners visit Troglopundit’s site? If so, they’ve seen a similar photo before.

Here’s hoping such billboards go up in all 57 states!

(cross-posted at and Right Wing News)

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  1. April 5, 2010 10:52 am

    А телефон свой не оставите? Хотелось бы кое-что обсудить по теме.


  1. Latest Billboard: ‘Miss Me Yet’, featuring Carter | NewsReal Blog
  2. Miss Me Yet (with photo of Jimmah Carter) Billboard – I don’t think the Dems or Obama will get this one?
  3. Cassy Fiano

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