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Katrina Vanden Heuvel Needs to Try Being Barefoot in a Kitchen

March 12, 2010

(Originally posted at NewsReal)

I read something in The Washington Post the other week that amused me, but I was side-tracked with other news. However, I believe this idiocy still needs pointing out. The very people who want to tell us what to do, apparently can’t even fend for themselves! Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the Editor of the radical leftist mouth-piece, The Nation, recently put her delusional two cents into the Childhood Obesity Crisis ™ mix. While I think she was trying to blame it all on evil corporations, she unwittingly may have incited the wrath of the donut-hater Michelle Obama as well as environuts, as her complete lack of knowledge in the real world seems to encourage eating primarily at McDonalds as well as incredibly wasteful shopping habits. She ends up encouraging Childhood Obesity and gluttonous waste!

At the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, it takes just under thirty minutes of work for an average burger-flipper to earn enough to buy a Big Mac (average American price, $3.58) on his lunch break.

Startlingly, it would still take that burger-flipper 29 minutes to earn enough to buy a head of organic romaine lettuce ($3.49/head). Add tomato ($4.99/pound), sweet onion ($1.49/pound), and carrots ($2.49/bunch); skim milk ($2.99/half gallon), hardboiled egg ($3.69/dozen), and whole wheat bread ($3.49/loaf), and to purchase his shopping basket, he’d need to clock over three hours of work, not to mention the unpaid labor he’d have to devote to preparing those groceries into a food-pyramid-friendly meal.

This is the situation in American eating that has led to our epidemic of childhood obesity [snip]

As the prices above indicate, this epidemic is not to be blamed on eating habits themselves — or even on their families. It is simply far less expensive to feed a family from the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s than it is to prepare fresh, healthy choices.

Of course, it is never anyone’s fault personally. Personal responsibility? Egads! That’s for Philistines! We must blame the evil corporations and their nefarious tricks; trying to provide a quick meal at a decent price? The horror! First clue, Katrina: McDonalds is fast food. They provide a quick meal and they strive to do so at a fair price. It is not meant to be eaten every meal, every day. If someone chooses to do that, that is their choice. You are pro-choice, aren’t you?

And where on earth do you shop? If you shop at a normal grocery store and not a fancy pants gourmet store, the prices are much lower. I wouldn’t set a strappy sandal clad foot in the door of a store that charged $3.69 for a dozen eggs. What’s worse is what kind of reality-challenged person tries to equate the price of one meal  for one person with items that can create multiple meals for several people?

Unless, of course, you are encouraging scarfing down an entire loaf of bread and a full dozen eggs on one’s own in one sitting? That’s not being a very good role model For The Children ™, Katrina! Do you not realize they are in the midst of an obesity crisis!? Or, do you suggest eating two slices of bread and one egg and then throwing the rest away? Did your Mommy never teach you to finish all your food because there are starving children around the World? Not to mention, the horrid waste you’d be foisting on Mother Earth. That may get you booted from fancy cocktail parties thrown by your “green” buddies. They may even start calling you a climate change denier, since you are encouraging wasteful, carbon producing behavior.

I also like how you lament the fact that someone has to take time to prepare a meal; you, in fact, refer to it as unpaid labor. Again children are a punishment, huh? Most women and men like to take care of their families. They don’t consider it some sort of slave labor; they are rewarded ten-fold by the joy they receive in doing good for their children.

I suggest you stop sticking your nose in other people’s houses and try to put your own in order. Shake your pitiful Feminist chip off your shoulder and try being barefoot in the kitchen. Or, at least, just in the kitchen. While you’re in there, make me a sammich. Here’s a tip, because I’m awfully helpful: You can make more than ONE sandwich out of a loaf of bread.

(Originally posted at NewsReal, Cross-posted RedState, Right Wing News. Excerpts at iowntheworld)

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  1. Allen Garry Bunyan permalink
    March 12, 2010 5:34 pm

    Thanks,I would not have read this save for your post Lori.It makes me laugh and weep,seems plain common sense,thrift and all form of basic intelligence is in short supply all over the U.S.You are watching the collapse of the American Dream,if it gets beyond bearable,give me a dingle here in Gods country.

  2. March 14, 2010 8:37 am

    I’m going to read her stuff later, but I’m with you on the prices. Part of her problems isn’t where she shops (though I don’t doubt that’s some of it; she is in Washington, after all), but that she’s buying organic.

    I’ll have to look and see about prices, but if my memory is correct, my dozen large eggs at Wal Mart (insert shocked Liberal gasp here) costs about $1.19. I could check my Shopper app, but that’s right near it. Free Range Eggs are roughly twice that, what with the chickens being taken out by predators and such. Carrots – baby ones, so I can just point the kids to the veggie drawer when they’re hungry between meals – are about 30% more if I went organic instead of just plain ol’ regular stuff where they kept bugs away with pesticides. Tomatoes ARE about $4 a pound when you go organic (and off-sale and off-season). Right now, I think the ones I see in Kroger or Wally World are in the $1.75-$2 range. Of course, I can get a bunch of organic tomatoes at Sam’s for a price only slightly higher than the regularly-grown tomatoes at the grocery store.

    If she’s buying organic, and especially if she is doing so at a Whole Foods or something like it, she’s going to be paying at least twice what her redneck-leaning neighbor who shops at Sam’s or Wal Mart will pay.

    You know how a lot of people say that the Lottery is a tax on stupid? Well, so is shopping at a trendy place for trendy foods that you can buy for less at Wal Mart – especially when you have the choice and are being snobby. You don’t have to be poor or uneducated to be stupid.


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