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Associated Press Tries to Tie Jim DeMint to the Pentagon Shooter

March 7, 2010

My latest post for RedState:

No, really. Not only are members of the media trying to irresponsibly and erroneously tie Joseph Patrick Bedell, a registered Democrat, a Troofer and a total loon, to the “right-wing” in general, but they are now upping the defamation by attempting to libelously imply that the words of Jim DeMint “fed the rage.” Jim. DeMint. Full disclosure; I love DeMint. I was thrilled when moving from New Jersey to South Carolina because it meant I’d be trading Senator Frank Lautenberg for Senator Jim DeMint. Score!

However, even if I didn’t think so highly of DeMint, I’d obviously feel the same way about the following vile statements by the Associated Press:

In an Internet posting, Bedell had suggested an act like the 2001 terrorist attacks could have been the work of a criminal organization controlling the U.S. government, accepting a “sacrifice of thousands of its citizens … as a small cost in order to perpetuate its barbaric control.”

His poisonous view of the government appears well out on the extreme—until you see what some people close to the center of power are saying these days.

“America is teetering towards tyranny,” Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina told the Conservative Political Action Conference last month. He accused the governing Democrats of peddling socialist policies “that have been the enemy of freedom for centuries all over the world.”

Republicans have been branding Democratic policies as some form of socialism for generations, par for the course.

But tyranny? America has real issues with that—it violently overthrew that enemy at the start.

Wow. Firstly, DeMint’s statement isn’t “inflammatory”; it’s accurate. Secondly, while the media still insists upon claiming some sort of delusional moral authority, with aggrandized claims of journalistic integrity, it should now be quite clear to everyone that they truly have given up on any attempt – at all – at objectivity. They are no longer journalists; they are propagandists. The media is no longer merely biased, but they are now outright lying and propagandizing purely for the purpose of driving a false narrative.

The article continues to further try to pin blame on those nefarious Tea Partiers – you know, like your neighbor with the toddler at her hip and the elderly gentleman from church:

Multiply rhetoric like that and you have the new public square, swarming with bloggers and broadcasters reaching for the provocative and feeding the grievances of the like-minded.

Altogether it’s a rage against the machine. Activists such as the tea party movement tap that rage for political and policy ends—stopping the health overhaul, getting supportive politicians elected.

But it’s surely not been lost on the lone wolves, whether it fuels their acts or not.

The Pentagon gunman, who wounded two police officers and was himself shot to death, joins two other men with anti-government sentiments who have attacked the government since the beginning of the year.

Oh, those pesky bloggers! “Feeding” the grievances? Funny, I thought that redress of grievances was a right established in the First Amendment to The Constitution. But what do I know? I’m not a super smart AP propagandist journalist. I do know one thing, though — The Fourth Estate is insolvent.  That is why the “provocative” (I think that’s NewSpeak for honest) New Media will soon take over from the Old. Listen closely, Old Media, and you can hear the sound of what was once a somewhat respectable profession not only crashing to the ground, but burrowing itself in the Earth’s crust.

And I say Good Riddance.

(Originally posted at Red State)

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  1. March 7, 2010 6:11 pm

    Good post, these people are ridiculous. They basically admittedly legitimized the “9/11 Truthers” yesterday at the AP on Ahmadinejad’s comments using language such as “the U.S. government’s version”.



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