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Obama Still Smoking ‘Em If He’s Got ‘Em

February 28, 2010

President Obama had his first physical as President today. I’m surprised he couldn’t perform the physical himself, since he fancies himself a doctor and all.

Obama told to quit smoking for good at health check-up

Obama, 48, has fought a public battle to give up smoking, and promised his wife he would quit when he ran for president — but has admitted succumbing to the occasional cigarette several times since moving into the White House.

The president visited the National Naval Medical Center in nearby Bethesda, Maryland for the routine check up.

He was also treated to a cat scan colonography in a screening for colorectal cancer.

The colonography bit was a tad too much information, thank you. However, the smoking bit is rather interesting. As Jeff Emanuel notes:

File this news on a president who has signed into law new tobacco taxes ostensibly designed to price smokers out of their habit with other “do as I say, not as I do” Obama-isms like cranking up the heat in the Oval Office so high that “you could grow orchids in there” while declaring that Americans’ thermostats must remain below 72° so the rest of the world won’t hate us.

His typical YOU practice what I preach. It does, however, partially explain the death stares and the super snarly faces. He’s totally having nicotine fits. And the left claimed that McCain was too old to have his finger on the button? Old man “Get off my lawn” ire has nothing on a nic fit “Get Off My Lawn” moment.

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