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Andrew Sullivan, Made Palatable By Red Eye

February 14, 2010

Actually, made palatable by Red Eye and lotion!  Wait, palatable may be the wrong choice of word — oh icky — my mind’s eye, my mind’s eye!

Greg Gutfeld and crew once again prove that everything is better with robots, even the uterus obsessed and cuckoo pants Andrew Sullivan. For those who aren’t familiar with Andrew Sullivan, he is insanely obsessed with Sarah Palin’s girly bits and has spent almost all his time embarking on a gynecological witch hunt that is beyond creepy and disturbing.  In the really bad way.

He has since completely lost whatever last, shaky grasp on sanity he had left. I fully expect that he will be found one day, curled up in the fetal position, weeping and shrieking “ovaries bad! OVARIES BAD!”

Watch and giggle madly:

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