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February 8, 2010

He just wanted to watch Lost, well, go to CVS and then watch Lost.

Everyone’s favorite blogger, Sean “Jim Treacher” Medlock was hit by an SUV while crossing the street in Washington, DC on Wednesday, February 3.  That alone should meet anyones suck quotient for the whole year.  When I read about it Thursday morning on his blog, DC Trawler,  I was very sad for him because I assumed he was in tremendous pain.  I was also grateful his boss, Tucker Carlson, had bought him that silly Macbook so he could continue to entertain me while recuperating.  I thought that was it.  I was wrong.

There was more.  In his first blog post he said:

“One last thing: I’m told by multiple people that the SUV that hit me was Secret Service. If this is true, I want to know why that happened. I was crossing legally, and they just left me there. At the very least, I want an apology. What happened to me was wrong.” (emphasis added by me)

And Media Matters ran with it.  Grasping at an imaginary straw they base this whole… article on saying Treacher said something he never said.

“It’s true that a conservative blogger, who writes under name Jim Treacher, immediately claimed he’d been hit by a Secret Service SUV. (Which, of course, lit a fire under the conspiratorial, right-wing blogosphere.) But in fact, he was not hit by a Secret Service vehicle. The claim, according to “federal law enforcement officials,” was baseless. (The driver reportedly worked for the State Dept.)”

You lie!  Treacher never claimed he was hit by a Secret Service SUV.  He claimed someone told him they were Secret Service, and he said if that’s true he would like to know why.  And as the story developed he continued to post updates and clarifications, in spite of his injuries.  That’s it.  Doesn’t matter, the moonbats ran with it.  Media matters.

It turns out the guy who hit Jim Treacher with his giant car works for the State Department, not the Secret Service.  Whatevs.  That dude still sucks and Jim Treacher is still in the hospital.  Oh yeah, he had to have reconstructive surgery on his knee.  Because his knee was essentially shattered.  Because of the dude, Mike McGuinn, who hit him with his giant steel car.  But wait, there’s more.  His tibia is also messed up, and he has a pulmonary embolism.  That’s a blood clot is his lung.  Yes, that’s bad.  Surprise!

Oh, did I mention the jaywalking ticket?  Treacher was issued a jaywalking ticket while in the ER, and the location on the citation is blocks from where the accident happened.  C’mon ladies, we knew it.  He can be in two places at once, and he’s magic.  Cue Heart song.  Don’t really, they freak when conservatives use their music, and I don’t want Ann Wilson to eat me.

Hit and Run or Hit and Shun?

When the accident occurred it seemed obvious it was a hit and run.  Know why?  Mike McGuinn, driver of the giant steel car that hit the beloved blogger, talked to Treacher at the scene, but didn’t tell him he was the driver.  He also didn’t reveal himself when he called The Daily Caller offices to tell them about the accident.  It’s unclear whether he was straight with police on the scene.  That’s why the left has centered the debate (why is there even a debate?) on whether this was technically a hit and run.  In the meantime, they’re slandering Jim Treacher by claiming he said slanderous things he never said. I know.  Media matters.

Bottom line: Jim Treacher is still in the hospital and has a months long rehab to look forward to.  Mike McGuinn is still the bad guy.  I’m not familiar with DC law, but where I live (don’t ask me how I know) Treacher could have been on peyote, naked cartwheeling down the street and Mike McGuinn would still be the bad guy for hitting Jim Treacher with his giant steel car. This is only becoming a political thing because of Treacher’s job, and I think that stinks.  I also think it stinks he has to deal with this crap while dealing with injuries suffered from being hit with a State Dept. employee’s giant steel car.

The more this story develops the more it’s like a press release getting kicked down the stairs, which I assume would be preferable to being hit with a car! The facts can be found at The Daily Caller, where Jim Treacher, victim, happens to work.

So I thought it was important to do my part to try to correct the record because media matters.  Get better, Sean!

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  1. Lmack49 permalink
    February 8, 2010 9:18 pm

    This both stinks and smells at the same time. It stinks that Treacher was hit then falsely charged. It smells because the alleged perp works for the Hillery and Media Matters was all over the story covering for the perp. Something is not right here. Somebody is lying and lying big. Looks like anyone who is critical of the administration had better have his life insurance paid up and his head on a swivel. This smells too much like the “Chicago Way” with the liberal press providing the cover. It stinks and smells!

    • killtruck permalink
      February 8, 2010 11:00 pm

      I don’t think it was politically motivated or even intentional, mainly because that would imply efficiency at the federal level.

  2. Lori Ziganto permalink*
    February 8, 2010 9:40 pm

    Thanks for posting this. GREAT, accurate (Hint, media matters. It’s a thing called follow-up and, you know, READING) analysis of the events, as they unfolded.

    Get well, Sean! And get justice.

  3. mydismalswamp permalink
    February 9, 2010 4:02 pm

    In the back of my mind I think I remember Jim saying he had the crossing right of way in one of his original postings. I got hit by a car once and yes it sucks big time (and I wasn’t hurt anywhere near as badly as Treacher was). Being laid up, injured, in pain, (not to mention the hospital food…) and facing weeks to months of rehab is no fun at all.
    Hurry up and get well Treacher, let the lawsuits begin!


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