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Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention Speech: Knocked Out of Park

February 7, 2010

She knocked it out of the park — with no teleprompter!

I’ll update later and add some thoughts (or what passes for them, heh.) In the meantime, The Weekly Standard makes two excellent points that hint at a Presidential run for Sarah Palin:

The media are playing into Palin’s hands. They’ve used her celebrity as an excuse to cover her relentlessly even though she holds no office–and yet the attention helps her communicate to her supporters and reach out to audiences who may be giving her a second thought.

“We are the loyal opposition, and we have a vision for the future of our country, too,” Palin said. She repeatedly said the Tea Party movement does not need a leader. But is there an American politician who inspires such enthusiasm from her supporters (and her detractors)? And isn’t that a unique strength in a polarized age in which the ideological stakes are so high?

Hmm. Veddy interesting.

Also, I’m giggling madly at the thought that the media is actually aiding Palin. I’m sure they are just thrilled about that. Ah, karma is sweet.

Part One.

See the full speech (5 parts, but well worth it) at The Right Scoop

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