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Senator Blanche Lincoln Disses Obama’s Payroll Skills

February 6, 2010

AP photo

Actually, Senator Lincoln dissed his lack of payroll skills, during the Obama and Senate Democrats question time the other day. Oh, Snap!

She also took a swipe at Obama’s White House, referencing a constituent who “fears that there’s no one in your administration that understands what it means to go to work on Monday and make a payroll on Friday.“

Of course, she’s likely only finally getting a bit of the old “Oh, Snap” because she’s facing a fierce re-election battle. Still, it made me giggle madly. And she’s correct. Obama has little real world experience and he has surrounded himself with others who are lacking in that area as well. They can read fancy books and stuff, but that’s about all. It’s all theory; they’ve never actually put anything into practice.

Obama’s response to Senator Lincoln:

Obama responded by defending steps his administration has taken to right the economy and said “Moving forward, Blanche, what you’re going to hear from some folks…[is that] the only way to provide stability is to go back and do what we did before the crisis.”

The president reiterated that he would not return to past policies.

“If the price of certainty is for us to adopt the exact same proposals that were in place for eight years leading up to the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression…the result is going to be the same.”

Oh, really? He will not return to past policies that created the Crisis ™ ? Great! That must mean he is getting rid of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, I presume. He must also be planning to get rid of some of the growth-killing taxes and regulations that were in effect as well the past 8 years. Right?


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  1. Jay permalink
    February 6, 2010 7:20 pm

    Even though the new insurgence of political figures speaking out about Mr. Obama is mostly due to the upcoming elections, it still puts a smile on my face to hear and read about it.

    It is true that his cabinet has less real world economics and business experience than any other President. He surrounds himself with communist, socialist and eugenicist radicals as advisors so it is no wonder to me that this country is currently being run strait into the ground.

    He cries about healthcare for 3% of the population and the environment but doesn’t seem to do anything more than pay lip service to this Nation’s biggest and most immediate issue, the 15,000,000+ people who can’t provide for their families because of a lack of jobs. He shouted success for the latest drop in the unemployment rate of .4% even though it is mostly due to people either running out of benefits or have simply given up looking for work. The real number, when you also count those unemployed and no longer on the unemployment insurance rolls, is more like 18%.

    I wouldn’t trust his best advisor to be able to correctly balance my checkbook let alone shape policy that affects 320,000,000 people.

    • Lori Ziganto permalink*
      February 7, 2010 2:07 am

      Bravo, Jay! Well said!


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