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State Department is Going All Chicago-Land and Breaking Knees

February 4, 2010

Image courtesy of The Daily Caller

Last night, the always brilliant Jim Treacher, who now works for The Daily Caller, based out of Washington, D.C., had his knee broken in a hit and run. First accounts indicated that the SUV that hit him was driven by the Secret Service. **

I was right across the street from the CVS, and I waited for the crosswalk light to tell me to go before I crossed. I had plenty of time left, according to the countdown clock. I was more than halfway there when a black SUV made an illegal left turn and hit me head-on. I absolutely had the right of way. I yelled something like, “Are you really doing this?” as it hit me before I could move. I landed on my face on the street and smashed my glasses and scraped my hand and immediately I knew something was wrong with my left knee ….

One last thing: I’m told by multiple people that the SUV that hit me was Secret Service. If this is true, I want to know why that happened. I was crossing legally, and they just left me there. At the very least, I want an apology. What happened to me was wrong.

National Review has more from Jim Treacher’s Twitter feed:

They didn’t have lights or sirens or anything. They turned right into me, crossing legally, and left me in the street screaming in pain.

I know the Secret Service hit me because the cops said so. Oh, and so did the Secret Service. No apology, though. Yet.

And Tucker Carlson tweets:

Kafka Alert: After federal agents ran over our writer Jim Treacher last night, DC police issued him a phony ticket for jaywalking.

I would have suspected Demon Sheep, but Treacher would never use a lame term like “FCINO”. Dan Collins, has suggested an alternative theory, based on Jim Treacher’s recent rash of Panda-baiting.

Two Chinese giant pandas with diplomatic immunity are being hustled out of the country in the wake of the hit-and-run “accident” targeting well-known conservative “humorist” and outspoken anti-Pandist Jim Treacher of The Daily Caller.

Let me for the moment play Treacher’s advocate: if he’s right (and I’m not saying he is), could Demon Sheep be a distraction?  Glenn Beck?  Bueller?

Conspiracy theories abound! All I know is that whomever it was, they owe Jim Treacher/Sean Medlock not only an apology, but a nice check. They also need to be punished criminally. I’d also warn other outspoken conservatives to be wary of black SUVs (racist?) in D.C.

On a serious note (I deflect with humor. Or, rather, alleged humor. Sigh) please get well soon, Sean! I’m awfully sorry this happened to you and I hope you mend quickly. On the plus side, enjoy the pain pills! Rest and get well; plenty of time to get the bastids then! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

*** UPDATE: From The Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller has been told by federal law enforcement sources that the Secret Service was not involved, and is working to confirm that driver of the vehicle which struck Jim Treacher was a State Department security employee.

Not the Secret Service, but still, the State Department should fire this dude and he should be punished criminally. Hit and run is A CRIME. He could always get a job at CNN like Rick Sanchez and Jack Cafferty, both of whom were involved in DUI hit and run accidents. Sanchez killed his victim.


Please read the full update from The Daily Caller. This is disturbing:

The State Department has refused to answer basic questions about an accident that took place in Washington on Wednesday night, in which a U.S. Diplomatic Security Service vehicle struck Daily Caller employee Sean Medlock as he was crossing the street.

An agent in the vehicle, Mike McGuinn, did not identify himself to Medlock at the scene, or apologize for running him down. Indeed, Washington, D.C., police drove to a local emergency room to serve Medlock with a jaywalking citation as he lay prostrate in a hospital bed, while a man who identified himself as “special agent” stood by watching and taking notes.

Reached on his cell phone the following day by the Daily Caller, McGuinn refused to answer questions about the incident.


Sean (Jim Treacher) will be undergoing surgery tomorrow morning as a result of his injuries sustained from the hit and run. Please keep him in your prayers (or thoughts, if you prefer). Hoping your recovery is swift and as easy as possible, Sean.

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