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Rock the Vote! Now, With More Skank

February 2, 2010

Me, redux. An update of a post that I had done previously. It’s posted over at David Horowitz’s NewsReal, a site y’all should be reading daily (and not just because they publish my stuff). An excerpt:

Reading Liz Blaine’s great piece yesterday on the “Rock the Vote, Hold out for Health Care” video, prompted me to remember what I had thought when I first saw the video. Since I will never allow an opportunity pass to point out the hypocrisy and idiocy of some of those on the Left, particularly “celebrities”, I thought I’d share those thoughts:

So, I watched the following PSA from “Rock the Vote”and, after I finished hurling, it got me to thinking (which is always dangerous, but I can’t stop myself. Believe me, I’ve tried). Remember when things like Hanoi Jane Fonda were a one-off? It was a huge deal that was discussed for, literally, decades.

Other celebrities would get drunk or stoned and make a fool of themselves on occasion, causing mass snickering and fervor due, in part, to the novelty of it. Now, it is a daily event! It’s changes like this that make me feel old and reminiscent for times past. (I’m pretty sure it all started with the demotion of Pluto. I started imagining the tossing about of insults like “You are so old that in your day Pluto was a planet.” Oh, how I long for days of planetary Pluto!)

Is this what we are going to have to deal with forever now? The dumbassery of celebutards shoved in our faces incessantly? It’s like hell on earth, which, coincidentally, I now picture as being stuck on a bio-diesel bus in perpetuity with Will Ferrell, Sheryl Crow, Al Gore and one roll of toilet paper among us (toilet paper is evil, you know.)

The latest “dumbass celebrities of the year” installment is brought to us by Rock the Vote, a member of Campaign for America’s Future’s coalition. Rock The Vote, by the way, claims to be non-partisan. This statement is on their website:

Read the rest here and see the video. Even if you’ve seen it before, it is totally worth a second mocking!

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