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Obama: Have Teleprompter, Will Travel

January 27, 2010

It’s his Woobie (tm)! How sweet; Obama and his woobie are never far apart. First, he took it along when speaking to 6th graders, as I noted the other day.

Now, he had his good, old buddy by his side when talking to a task-force — of like a dozen people. No, really.

Image Courtesy of NRO

Instead of those books “Where’s Waldo?” they should now come out with a series called “Where’s Prompty?”  Wouldn’t that be adorable? Children’s books based on the woobie of our first “playing dress-up” President.

Man, I miss a President who wore big boy pants for real. And who could, you know, speak on his own without being spoon-fed words. A little mispronunciation of words like — I don’t know, say, nuclear — doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? At least Bush’s mispronunciations didn’t have to be typed into a teleprompter before-hand (Pah-key-stahn).

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