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‘For The Children’, Unless They are Republican, Natch

January 22, 2010

Image Courtesy of NewsReal

Yes, I’m linking to myself because I am just that shameless! I did an article for NewsReal about the Left’s latest penchant for bashing the children of politicians. A snippet:

Proving that their hypocrisy extends beyond Faux-Feminism, some women on the Left are now revealing that For the Children ™ is also “just words”. You see, it’s totally cool to make fun of a politician’s children now, as long as you think their Mom or Dad is icky.

This disturbing, yet eye-opening trend, really began to take hold with the disgraceful way Sarah Palin’s daughters were treated. Personal attacks on politicians are oftentimes beyond the pale, yet are expected. That’s the name of the game; politics can be a dirty business. And not in the fun way. But, the exploitation of their children, even at the hands of the Press, crosses an even more abhorrent line. Worse, it is often done by people who have somehow managed to erroneously convince many others that they embrace feminism and are looking out for, or are advocates for, children.

We all remember David Letterman’s “knocked up” joke about a Palin daughter. While he later claimed he made a mistake and meant Bristol and not Willow, the 14 year old, it still meant he was calling a beautiful young mother a slutty tramp. The trampy meme seems to be popular with the Left, especially when it comes to attractive Conservatives and this, for them, now includes their offspring. The latest victims? Scott Brown’s daughters, Ayla and Arianna…

Click here to read the full article

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  1. January 22, 2010 7:12 pm

    Hey, I’ve got a novel idea!

    How about if we leave the children of politicians alone, regardless of whether they’re Democrat, Republican, Liberal or Conservative and do our best not to bash them in the media?

    Now wouldn’t that be something?



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