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Liberal Reaction to Brown Win: Schadenfreude-Licious!

January 20, 2010

Besides my astute observations of MSNBC hosts last night (pats self on back), Right Wing News has a great round-up of quotes from the Lefty Blogosphere in reaction to Senator-Elect (I love saying that) Scott Brown’s win. I’m still totally Brown-goggled, so they are making me giggle with delight and glee. Tomorrow, I’m sure they’ll make me angry and I’ll have a nice response (heh) for our “friends” on the Left. Here is a taste of their open-minded and thoughtful “congratulations” to Brown:

Well, it looks like so-called “Independent” Scott Brown has won a Senate seat in our most heavily Democratic state. Just for the record,

Screw him. The campaign to unseat this lying, Republican Tea Party son a b*tch is starting NOW, and I’m starting it. — Yosef 52, Daily Kos

...The problem was that immediately after the election, like one nano-second after, Obama and his centrist, defensive team Democrats began “undermining themselves with faux-bipartisanship and tepid policies.” – DownWithTyranny

Centrist, hee hee! Read the rest of them here. And I’ll add one more, that I think actually sums it up best, even if Roger Ebert meant it quite differently.

Image Courtesy of The Daily Caller

Jim Treacher and Tucker Carlson at The Daily Caller said the following in response:

Mr. Carlson just saw that and said: “What a sad old guy Ebert is. A life wasted eating popcorn in the dark.” But that’s not really fair. There were also Chuckles and Junior Mints and whatnot.


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  1. January 20, 2010 7:30 pm

    Some one needs to remind Roger Ebert that fair is a weather forecast. Might be a good lesson for DailyKos to learn too. The Freak Left needs to realize that we can’t afford their “fairness” right about now.

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