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Come Out of the Closet and Into a View Snuggie ™

January 9, 2010

Conservatives can now come out of the closet in a liberal workplace with ease — introducing the View Snuggie ™ . It easily masks your evil conservative tendencies! Simply tell your boss you are wearing it as part of your “diversity training” and that you are embracing burka wearing cultures. Then, don the View Snuggie and be free to peruse your favorite conservative websites.

Fed up with the constant laments of “Because Shut Up. Also, George Bush?” Tired of hearing delusional claims regarding The Smartest Man EVAH? Clad yourself in the View Snuggie and feel free to read rational thought, filled with common sense and, you know, sanity. It also smothers giggles for those times that you wish to bask in conservative humor (hint: or when discovering new and fun photo shops of Janeane Garafalo. Conveniently, it also doubles as a sick bag for those unfortunate incidences when you come across an actual, untouched photo of Garafalo.

Includes bonus iron-on patch claiming “Made of 100% Hemp” to help “fit in” at your liberal office. In reality, it’s made of 100% petroleum based material, processed extra-long to ensure the largest carbon footprint possible. In your face, Al Gore!

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