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Chris Matthews, Obsessed with Sexual Acts Again

January 7, 2010

Not only is Chris Matthews feeling that fetishy tingle again, but he is also all pot calling kettle black-y (racist? I’m a conservative, so, I assume the answer is yes.) Chris Matthews gives me a reverse tingle. He’s like saltpeter, only for broads.

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Clearly, his leg ‘tingle’ was actually an early symptom of the full onset of senility. Or else he is pulling a Sullivan and merely embracing his cuckoo pants fully. Newsbusters posted the following transcript:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: So who will lead the tea-baggers? Will it be Rick Perry down in Texas? Will it be Michele Bachman out in Minnesota? Will it be Sarah Palin? You first Mark [McKinnon] it’s your idea. The tea-baggers are an interesting group to watch. They’re not far right. They’re probably center-right, in fact some centrists. But they’re generally, I think, Republican voters. Right? Is that fair to say? They vote Republican?

MATTHEWS: And they’re monochromatic right?

MARK MCKINNON, THE DAILY BEAST: Well I don’t know that they’re monochromatic?

MATTHEWS: They’re not? Every picture I see shows them to be.

MCKINNON: Well there’s a lot of people out there that cuts across a lot of demographics who feel disenfranchised.

MATTHEWS: But not that other demographic.

MCKINNON: The other demographic?

MATTHEWS: Meaning they’re all white. All of them, every single one of them is white.

MCKINNON: I think that’s, I think that’s a fair characterization, predominately.

MATTHEWS: Yeah well what’s that about?

Hey, Matthews, you’re an idiot. What’s that about? By the way, as Ed Driscoll notes, have you seen MSNBC’s line-up?

At Big Government, Bob Parks, early video blogger turned New Media Alliance Television executive director, whose “Outside The Wire” videos were one of the inspirations for mySilicon Graffiti videos, reminds Chris Matthews and the rest of GE that the Tea Parties are just a bit more diversified than the anchor line-up of MSNBC.

That reminded me of the MSNBC masthead –

Gee, Chris (I feel we are on a first name basis, since you feel comfortable enough to toss sexual slurs in my direction incessantly) what’s with the monochromatic? What are you, whiteys? A bunch of racists!? Or perhaps it is as Allahpundit mentions and you are simply obtaining your information from your own network, which is known for “creative editing”, the newspeak term for propaganda.

Remember the time MSNBC reported with classic Riefenstahl propaganda; they discussed a man bringing a gun to a town hall meeting with nefarious intentions. Clearly, the man was A Racist ™. The man who “brandished” the gun? He was an African American. MSNBC cropped him out of the video. This was not just bias, but outright lying and utter propagandizing purely for the purpose of driving a false narrative, once again.

It could be any of the above or it could be what I have maintained previously; MSNBC is really just a half-way house for sex addicts. Think about it. All of their alleged anchors absolutely cannot stop speaking of Tea Bagging. Relentlessly and compulsively, which is a sure sign of addiction. I’m not a medical expert, but I got a white lab coat from the White House, so you have to take my word for it now.

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  1. January 7, 2010 8:46 am

    SO WHAT if they were white, anyway- who cares?

    Does that count for less in your world, somehow? Are they out of fashion, Chris?

    When there’s a legalization rally in LA, does Fox News ever say “yeah, but it was just a bunch of Mexicans”-?

    What a waste of time you are, Tingles- you big dope. Keep your self-loathing to yourself, I’ve got no reason to make any apologies for my heritage… same as anybody else.

  2. BuckwheatsayHI permalink
    January 8, 2010 2:37 am

    Something just occurred to me.
    Remember in Citizen Kane, when CFK bought the best news staff in the world from The Chronicle? Seeing MSNBC’s lineup, it would appear GE is using reverse psychology—buy all the bottom feeders you can. Their coverage thus would be so lousy, there would be nothing to compare it too, thereby making your news operation “one of a kind” in every media market it competed in.
    Whatdaya think?
    Oh wait–ratings.
    Damn those critics.


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