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Another Journalist Shoehorn for Easier Bush Blaming

December 13, 2009

On the heels (see what I did there? Heels? I’m funny. Shaddup.) of the Journalistic Shoehorn for easier Obama insertion in news stories, we felt that a Blame Bush one was also needed. I’m a little annoyed that the Press has stolen my idea, though. For years, every time I’ve done something not so bright I’ve deflected personal responsibility and, instead, said “I blame cramps. And the acid.” You’re welcome, Press.

They’ve already found a way to blame Bush for the horrendous output coming from Hollywood. Now, with the shoehorn, they can blame him for everything. Climategate uncovered by a whistle-blower? Bush’s fault, because he has been known to openly whistle whilst clearing brush on his ranch. Egads! Obama looks like an idiot in Mom jeans and throwing first pitches like a girl? Bush’s fault, for being too butchy and evilly masculine. They can even use the shoehorns in tandem for the New Years Resolution article that I suggested in the Obama shoehorn post: “I resolve to take responsibility for absolutely nothing that I screw up and, instead, blame George Bush — just like President Obama.

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