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Celebrating Celebrity Comeuppance

December 10, 2009

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Even as the Press tries to cover up Climategate, from the sight of Al Gore’s tail between his huge legs, it is quite clear to all thinking people that the Great Global Warming Swindle has just had the hemp rug pulled out from under it. One of the greatest aspects of this, for me, is the unabashed glee  (I’m even finding it hard to type while gasping in evil, cackling fits of laughter) I have at the thought of all the faux “green” celebutards sitting dumbfounded in their private jets. They’ve been telling us ad nauseum for years that carbon emissions and greenhouse gases cause horrific, apocalyptic warming. Lecturing us, all whilst flitting about the globe and then idiotically buying carbon offset indulgences, which should now be renamed stupidity offsets. Hypocrisy, thy name is “green” celebrity. Celeb-ocrisy, if you will.

I’m maniacally giggling even more because they are still in denial, yet are still hypocrites! The “Summit” in Copenhagen will have a carbon footprint larger than Obama’s hubris. Now THAT is saying something. Always one step ahead of the American Press, U.K.’s Times Online has an article fully delineating the massive amounts of waste that will be caused by this Summit, as well as many details of celeb-ocrisy.  The list is mind-boggling, and incredibly amusing.

Hypocrisy is the vice we find hardest to forgive, but it’s also the one we most enjoy discovering in others. And nothing piques our interest more than eco-hypocrisy as practised by the “green” celebrities who have been spouting green virtue but spewing out hundreds of tons of carbon from their private jets or multiple holiday homes around the globe.

It goes on to list examples, one by one, but I’ll stick with my favorite hypocrite, Leonardo DiCaprio. He is among the top of my “People I Loathe So Much I’ll Give Up Fibers of My Being  to Loathe Them” list. I hold him personally responsible for that “Heart Will Go On” song by “she who shall not be named.”

I’ve had quite a few other bones to pick over the years with Leonardo DiCaprio, or DiCraprio as my brother, sister and I like to call him, while chortling snarkily. Yes, we are puerile. I also can barely get my words out from snickering whenever I call my brother “Phil-do” or when we make fun of my mother’s Scottish brogue, which she oddly hasn’t lost even after 40 years here.

Anyhoops, I keep tabs on DiCraprio just to have tidbits handy for our next familial insult fest. And I hold grudges. I’m still holding one from when he initially jumped ass first onto the Al Gore bandwagon and  made a dire warning/global warming movie. Turns out  DiCraprio might actually be an accurate name, as he apparently does, in fact, have poop for brains.

Harsh, you may think. But not once you realize his film, an alleged documentary, didn’t even attempt to leave room for debate regarding global warming. Its position was clear (the science is settled!) and stated emphatically that evil humans changed the climate. It also offered such esoteric questions as “How did mankind let nature deteriorate to this point?” Sigh. Bless his heart. Interviewed at its premiere, he made the mistake of trying to use thinkies again to defend Al Gore:

DiCaprio defended Gore from criticism over the amount of energy he has been reportedly using to jet around the world and to run his home. “Don’t shoot the messenger”, he said. “This person is trying to relay a message to the public and the way that he travels should not be splayed out like that.”

DiCaprio said it should be oil companies held up to scrutiny and that the government should make systematic change. The US star said he took steps in his own life to reduce global warming, telling the famous film festival: “I do try to live my life in a green manner. I have installed solar panels in my house and the car that I drive is a hybrid one.”

Yo, Leo, I’m super glad you drive some wussy hybrid (how often do you actually drive yourself?) and all, but what about that Thai beach you desecrated for no good reason? You remember, to film The Beach? The filming of which was an utter waste of time, energy and nature (did anyone even SEE that movie? And, if so, will they admit to it? )

As for “not splaying out” (whatever that means) how the wise and almighty Gore travels, because he brings a message to us, the lowly public, who are greedily doing things like heating our apartments and suburban homes and driving to REAL jobs as opposed to whisking off in private jets, heating and lighting 20,000 s.f. homes or staging HUGE stadium rock concerts to promote the conservation of energy (explain that one to me)… I’ve got a message for you — IT WAS ALL A HOAX.

There, now I’m a messenger. Which must mean, based on your own reasoning, that I can now expand my carbon footprint exponentially with no guilt. I’ll let you in on a secret; I’ve been doing that anyway. I prefer to be part of the fake problem, rather than part of the fake solution. So, I’ll just continue doing as I please and further ignore the bilge spewing from the mouths of the Hollywood elites. Only now I’ll do it while pointing and snickering at them, not only for their hypocrisy, but for their utter stupidity. Perhaps now our genius Congress will toss out the horrendous Cap and Trade bill that they are trying to pass, and we won’t all be forced into wimpy ass, pissant, corn-powered cars. Or whatever the hell ethanol is made from. I’d ask Leo, but I’m pretty sure he barely remembers his own name, on a good week. And this certainly hasn’t been one of them!

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  1. December 10, 2009 8:54 pm

    Excellent blog! I will check back again.

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