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Palin And The Born Ultimatum

December 4, 2009

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When I first heard last night that Sarah Palin had allegedly made a “Birther” comment I was annoyed. While I’m not quite a Palinista in that I acknowledge she has some flaws, I like Sarah Palin very much. I thought she had made a huge gaffe and a dumb move, strategically, because the Left and the Press LOVE jumping on the “birther” stuff in order to distract from real issues. I was annoyed that she said it at all, only because I knew it would be turned into a HUGE deal, allowing the Press to, once again, ignore things like Climategate and Obama totally sucking at his job.

I didn’t believe that she’s a ‘birther’, but I thought that she, of all people, should have known what the Press would do with such a statement. However, after reading the transcript and thinking about it, I realized that is precisely why I like her. She speaks her mind, and not just what works strategically or what other people want her to say. I also realized my fear of what the Press would do is actually the point — It isn’t about questioning the legitimacy of his birth, but rather the legitimacy of the Press.

Until this summer, I’d barely even heard of The “Birthers.” Sure, I knew they were out there, but they pretty much kept to themselves; the whole situation was just a footnote, really. For the record, I am not one. I think the idea of some Kenyan Birth Certificate conspiracy is kooky. Not because President Obama is so forthright and truthful, but because if there was anything there at all, Hillary would have sniffed it out or Biden would have surely spilled the beans.

But, then all of a sudden, it became “hip” to denounce them. Incessant screeching about “those crazy birthers” ensued. So HE-Larious! Only, not so much. Not only did it become a distraction from real issues such as cap and trade, ObamaCare and, you know, the future of our Country, but the relentless harping on them became fodder for the left and the National Media to try to denounce all on the right. Worse, people on the right were, and are, participating in it and are playing right into their hands. In their asinine quest to appear “above it all” and ridicule “birthers” at all costs, they are aiding the left and the Press (who are in collusion with Left).

People, even on the Right, are making it out to be that the “birther” thing is ALL about questioning his legitimacy. It’s not about that, to most, I don’t believe (though of course it is to some). I think it is wrong that anyone who merely questions WHY all of Obama’s stuff is hidden, including his college thesis, is called a Birther and made out to be cuckoo pants. And I hate when our own side does it. It is stupid to continue harping on it, yet some can’t seem to get enough of doing so. Is it the schadenfreude-esque aspect of it all? Or is it a “look at those dum dum nutty nuts;  I’m super smart and rational” ego thing?

Asking why Obama is the only politician who is allowed to just say “Nah, I’m not showing you that” (things like his college thesis), when everyone else has their entire families investigated for every bit of irrelevant minutiae is in no way the same as Truthers, as some try to use as a comparison. Truthers believe there was a government conspiracy to murder 3,000 of its own citizens. And Obama made one A CZAR (remember Van Jones?) Most people who are lumped in as “birthers” merely want to know why obfuscation and avoidance are condoned ONLY when applied to Obama.

So, Palin was right. It is fair. Why is Obama above it all? Why is his secrecy enabled? Why is it “fair play” for every other politician, but not for him? Everyone else has garbage dug up from years and years into their past. Good grief, look how much Palin’s background was dug into.  Even her UTERUS was investigated, as was the uterus of her daughter. Some even tried to make up conspiracy theories about her uterus. Now, that is cuckoo pants (that means you, Andrew Sullivan.) I do think it is fair to question why. Sheesh, the Press questioned nothing prior to his election and look at the mess THAT has gotten us into!

I’m not questioning his legitmacy.

I question his secrecy.

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  1. December 5, 2009 11:08 am

    I like your take on this. I’m still sorting through what I think. I have a new contributor over at my new place who had a different take than you. Come check it out:

  2. Dwight permalink
    December 10, 2009 2:54 pm

    I’ve finally cracked the mystery of this birth certificate stuff.

    Bear with me.

    The dude is a citizen. Period. He was born in Hawaii. Too much coaberation and supporting facts to think otherwise.

    Now… Riddle me this…

    QUESTION: In what year was O born?
    ANSWER 1965

    QUESTION: What do we know about O’s mom?
    ANSWER: We know she was so pink she pissed grapefruit juice. She was such a hippy that a normal African-American boyfriend wouldn’t shock Kansas mom and dad enough. She had to go get knocked up by a bona fide wife-beating faux intellectual progressive Marxist AFRICAN-African.


    The Prez IS a citizen. But his birth certificate says that he’s not. Why? Mom fudged the doc to make him draft-proof.

    Period. It’s Occam’s Razor. It’s the simplest explanation for why he’d spend the money and do backflips to keep from releasing the doc.

    Factor in his buddy from Harvard who said in interviews that O and his greatest fear was being drafted. Buddy said “But we had a plan.” Then the guy refused to elaborate.

    Remember, you heard it here first.

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