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Teach Your Children Well

December 2, 2009

Oh, those sneaky right wingnuts are at it again! Now they are attempting to teach children things like individual success being a good thing and that people do not need the government to run every aspect of their lives and businesses. They also attempt to tell children that it is wrong to make up lies about people and have them spread all over (and sometimes by) the media. Oh, the horror.

Worse, the heroine of the book, Help! Mom! Radicals Are Ruining My Country is based on a Sarah Palin-esque character. Oh, my soul is light and the cockles of my heart are warmed just thinking of the outraged sneer sure to be on Joy Behar’s face. I’d think that she and the boys over at MSNBC (Matthews, Olbermann and Maddow) might feel a touch of shame or remorse except for the fact that it is quite apparent that reading – with comprehension – is beyond their capabilities.

Just in time for Christmas! I will — err, I mean Santa will — be putting a copy of this book in my kid’s stocking this year. I suggest we all also send a copy to President Obama, you know, as a teachable moment and all. Maybe there is an audio version that we can pre-load on an iPod for him. That seems to be more his speed.

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