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Is There Even Any Room Left For More Nails In The Press’ Coffin?

December 2, 2009

The “Press’” coffin is really riddled with nails now as they continue to be scooped by comedy shows. The latest example being Warmaquiddick/Climategate ignored by the lamestream Press, yet acknowledged by none other than Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. Dude, when the Left loses JON STEWART, you know there is a problem.

“Poor Al Gore. Global warming completely debunked via the very internet you invented. OH. OH the irony.”  – Jon Stewart

I would have only added “sweet, sweet” to the irony part. As I’ve always said, it’s no wonder the internet is full of tools, since the biggest tool of them all “invented” it!

I wonder if CNN will now “fact check” the Daily Show? Somehow, I doubt it because that would entail, you know, covering the story. Maybe it would help if I made an anonymous tip to the Press intimating that Tiger Woods had fudged some emails and dumped some data – I bet they’d cover it then. And what about Keith Olbermann? As Jim Treacher said earlier, Keith Olbermann will want to make Jon Stewart the Worst Person In The World but if he does so, he’d have to acknowledge that whole fudged data/date dumping thing himself. Oh, what a quandary!

Dear Press: A Comedy Show is now more reliable than you are. The science is settle

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