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Obama to Inform Taliban When They Can Take-Over Again in Tonight’s Speech

December 1, 2009

Tonight, Obama gives his big National address to announce his decision, after months of fiddling about voting present, on Afghanistan. Reportedly, he will be giving General McChrystal 30,000 troops, which is far less than requested. In the speech, he will give a specific timeline for withdrawing, with both dates and numbers.

President Obama will announce Tuesday night that he is sending 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan to be deployed over the next six months, Fox News has learned.

In a speech to be delivered at West Point, the president also plans to discuss an end-game for U.S. involvement in Afghanistan that will have a specific timeline for withdrawing “surge” forces with a number and date attached.

Psst, Obama – You aren’t supposed to TELL the enemy when you are going to retreat (you also should be planning on how to WIN and not just when to leave.)

You also aren’t supposed to let them know when troops will be leaving, in stages. Do you know what that does?  Wait, of course you don’t because it doesn’t involve YOU personally. However, the rest of us who aren’t hampered by a pathological narcissistic disorder, do know: it means you leave the remaining troops as sitting ducks. The Taliban will now know exactly when our troop level will be at it’s lowest. You are giving the enemy our playbook. Good grief! I’m no military expert, but even I learned that giving your opponent your playbook is not a wise decisions years ago from the Brady Bunch.

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