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Hell Hath No Fury – Photos of Andrea Mitchell Uncovered

November 21, 2009

Yesterday, Andrea Mitchell was spotted stalking Sarah Palin at a book signing, scornfully waving a copy of Newsweek – or so we thought.  It is obvious that Mitchell is totally obsessed, and her absolute FURY at Palin is abundantly evident in the look on her face.

It turns out that her undisguised anger is not solely due to the vast differences in their appearances (Meow. But, come on – look at her!) nor the fact that Sarah Palin goes home to super cute Todd and Andrea goes home to the icky Alan Greenspan. We’ve uncovered another reason:  Mitchell wasn’t holding out a copy of Palin’s Newsweek issue. She was waving a copy of her own magazine cover, seen here:

Frightening enough, but that’s not all.  We’ve also uncovered a mock-up of a proposed movie based on Andrea Mitchell and her sick obsession with Sarah Palin:

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