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Ana Marie Cox is SO Smart, She Doesn’t Even Have to READ Books to Review Them!

November 18, 2009

The liberal elite are SO Elite-y that reading is actually beneath them. They can simply “sense” enough, with their super smart skills, to pass judgment on things sight unseen!

At least according to the Washington Post and Ana Marie Cox, who reviewed Sarah Palin’s book and admitted she hadn’t read the whole thing. Silly me! I assumed that in order to honestly review a book, one must actually, you know, READ it.

I cannot claim to have completely read “Going Rogue” — I had to skim the last 150 pages (or more than one-third). I only got the thing into my hands late Monday afternoon with a deadline of early evening. It’s terrible, I know, but if I didn’t read it all, neither can Sarah Palin claim to have completely written it.

Huh. I love how she calls the book a “thing”; it’s soooo icky, she can barely bring herself to touch it, much less read it! I also like the illogical leap where she projects her own inadequacies onto Sarah Palin to say “she didn’t write it herself anyway, nyah nyah.” I wonder if she said the same about the Billy Ayers writtenAudacity of Hope? Obama didn’t write any of that himself – does that mean she never read any of that one? Nah, I’m pretty sure Ana Marie “not gettin’ any” Cox snuggles up with that book each night.

I cannot claim to have read Ana Marie Cox’s whole review, but I read lots of snippets on Twitter. Plus, I know that I think she’s icky and that’s all that matters, right? That is obviously all that mattered to Ms. Cox. It wasn’t a book review; it was a slam book. Palin is the popular, pretty girl who doesn’t fit the liberals ideology nor their idea of what a woman should be. So, the other mean, catty, lesser girls must scurry to their diaries and scrawl out insults based on nothing but pure jealousy. Like this gem:

For all I know, it may be true. There may truly be substantive discussion of policy, something that goes beyond the thudding “taxes bad”/”government small” rhetoric that characterizes the moments when Palin turns her personal narrative into a discussion of government workings.

“For all she knows” — because she DIDN’T READ IT. So, instead she falls back on a lame insult about “thudding” rhetoric. Oh yes, wanting a small government is super silly! Huge government bureaucracies that hang like an albatross around all our necks are working out just dandy! Good thing we have Miss (I hope that irks her) Cox to remind us of how dim-witted we small government types are.

Her other big problem with Palin’s book (out of the entire book, she found TWO items at which to hurl baseless insults) was the fact that Sarah Palin doesn’t like smoking, yet *gasp* doesn’t support anti-smoking legislation nor smoking bans. The horror! She believes that personal freedom and capitalism work here; don’t like smoking? Don’t go to a smoking establishment. Eventually, the private business owner will decide if his business makes more money allowing smokers or not. It’s funny how the free market works like that.

Miss Cox wouldn’t know that either, though. To understand things like the free market, economics and The Constitution, you have to actually READ things and not claim authority based on nothing but your own willful ignorance. But, kudos Miss Cox and the Washington Post! You have successfully proven once and for all that journalistic integrity no longer exists anywhere in the print media. You may as well go ahead and put your entire paper on You’ve sunken to their level. Good work!

Maybe Sarah Palin can lend you the cash to make the transfer – her book is a best seller already, you know. I guess some people actually do want to read the book in full.  Sheesh! What rubes, huh?

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