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Obama Engaged to Japan’s Emperor? Another Bow!

November 14, 2009

Image Courtesy of Vanderleun / American Digest

Bow-gate Redux! Obama is an embarrassment once again.

Either Obama and Japan’s Emperor are now engaged or Emperor Akihito has made Obama his bitch. No one bows THAT low unless they get an engagement ring out of the deal – or they are, you know, an idiot.

Obama once again proves that he is a subservient nincompoop. The Leader of the Free World does NOT prostrate himself before anyone!!  Dude, seriously.  Obama subjugates himself in front of foreigners, yet calls American citizens ‘tea bags” and sneers at them derisively every chance he gets.

Worse still, in his case I don’t even think one can call it a bow, since he is lacking in the man department.It’s more like a curtsy.

UPDATE: I’ve decided that I suppose I should cut Obama some slack about the bow. It  is difficult to stand up straight when you have no backbone.


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