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Veterans Day; Honoring The Greatest Force For Good

November 11, 2009


It is easy to take for granted those who dedicate their lives to protect us all; protecting and fighting, even dying, for our freedoms, our liberties, our security. It is easy to forget because they never ask for anything from us. They just sacrifice, asking for nothing in return. So, we simply go on about our own lives, often forgetting those who serve to make those very lives possible –and those whom have died to do so.

Veterans Day should be every day — we should always remember, honor and pay tribute to those whose sacrifices and dedication have made this country the best on Earth, the most Free, the Beacon of Light for the rest of the World.  Without them, this Planet would be a very different place.

The greatest force for good that the World has ever known is powered by those men and women, who have served and who are serving now, here and around the Globe. [snip]

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  1. November 11, 2009 5:13 pm

    Thank you!!

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