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Robert Gibbs: The Most Transparent LIAR Evah!

November 9, 2009

So, the Administration has that Transparency going for them, at least, as evidenced by the moronic statement Robert Gibbs made yesterday. I mean, even more moronic than usual. When asked about the Michelle Bachmann “Kill the Bill” rally, he focused on one or two offensive signs spotted there and said the following:  ”Can You Imagine if, 5 Years Ago, People Had Protested With Hitler Pictures?!?”

No, really. He said that. Seriously. The great Mary Katherine Hamm has provided Mr. Gibbs with several links full of memory refreshers while wielding her mighty pen (or keyboard) with finesse and excoriating Mr. Gibbs as only she can.
Dude, is he THAT clueless or is he that much of a liar?  I’d say that perhaps he is losing his mind, but I’m pretty sure you need to have a mind first in order to lose one. He is clearly lacking one at all, as my ’sources’ tell me that wasn’t the only inane comment to come out of his mouth yesterday. Evidently, he also said ”Could you imagine, if 5 years ago, people tried to say that dissent was Patriotic?” and ”Could you imagine, if 5 years ago, people went around trying to say that it was 2004 ?!”  and ended with “Could you imagine, if only 2 years ago, people tried to warn of the risk of double digit unemployment?”

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