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House Votes to Kill Liberty; Passes Pelosicare Bill

November 9, 2009

Rest in Peace, Constitution. I really want to pop Nancy Pelosi in her smug, fugly and unmovable nose. I despise Pelosi and the House Democrats (together with the Republican traitor, Rep Cao, who made the bill BI-PARTISAN) so much that I’m out of fibers of my being and need to borrow some of all of yours.

My dearest friend and brilliant man, SomeGit said it best:

This day will be in history books as 1 of the days when belligerence of power became manifest to an increasingly angry citizenry.

I have a question for President Obama and Nancy Pelosi. Hey, geniuses, who is going to pay for this “free” health care when NO ONE HAS A DAMN JOB??

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