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Snark Contest at Iowntheworld: Time to Throw Obamacare Under the Bus

November 2, 2009

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Granted, I know we are just simple conservative rubes and don’t have the vast experience of Community Organizing from which to draw, but still, I have faith in us. Some of us are magic and have managed to escape victimization at the hands of nefarious Doctors, desperate to sink their clutches into our apparently rare and invaluable tonsils!  Thus, here are a few of my proposed slogans.  POST YOUR PROPOSED SLOGANS, PLEASE! (in the Comments Section at Iowntheworld)

Obamacare: It’s really Obama’s sneaky way to “save” Social Security by getting rid of all the pesky elderly.

Obamacare:  Obama’s own Grandma isn’t the only one he’s willing to throw under the bus!

ObamaCare: Life saving surgeries for our most vulnerable citizens? Meh.

ObamaCare: Deciding whose life is cost-effectively “worth” saving is NOT above his pay grade.

ObamaCare:  Only bitter, greedy folks “Cling” to life. Let them eat pain pills, with “dignity!”

ObamaCare: As I’ve said before, let me be clear here, we have to do this because Shut Up. And George Bush.

ObamaCare:  This Is The Moment Your Tonsils Have Been Waiting For

Obamacare:“This committee has decided that you aren’t ready to be “punished” by a baby.”

Obamacare:  An Obama-y Bureaucrat who says “oh, just take a pill” will be in charge of your Epidural decisions.

Obamacare: Do you trust the Government with a speculum? (am I right, Ladies?!)

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