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Taking Back Hollywood

October 30, 2009

(latest at

[snip] We may as well make the *true* story of Barack Obama before we are subjected to outright lies and a sickening hagiography – well, more outright lies and sickening hagiography.

There is one re-make that we can do and the title doesn’t even need to be changed: “Cry-Baby”.  I also had some other ideas:

  • “All the Wright Moves”
  • “Raging Bullsh*t”
  • “The Lying King”
  • “Let Me Be Clear And Present Danger”
  • “Tarps”
  • “Back to the Bankrupted Future”
  • “Tax Driver”
  • “Terms of Appeasement”
  • “Running on Empty Suit”

Courtesy of

I know y’all can come up with more proposed Obamovies (or Obombmovies.)  Best one will be made into a super cool BigFurHat poster just like this one.  (Read the rest HERE and See Contest and submissions Funny stuff!)

  • “Creating or Saving Silverman”
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    1. November 1, 2009 11:44 am

      Dr.Dave sent me. I enjoy your humor … keep it coming.

    2. 1MadJack permalink
      November 1, 2009 12:06 pm

      Lori how about “No Country For Old Men”. Don’t have to change a word of that title. You might want to add “Or Old Women” though. 🙄

    3. November 1, 2009 3:44 pm

      Raging BullSh*t is my favorite. Thanks for the laugh!

      I share your appreciation of Dr. Sowell and Ronald Reagan. I’m also a big fan of Andrew Breitbart. Talk about taking back Hollywood! He “gets it” like I wish the old, country club GOP would. Less Newt, more Breitbart Big Hollywood!

    4. November 1, 2009 4:56 pm

      I just saw this one in the comments at and thought you might like it:

      PINO stars in “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers”

    5. Call me Lennie permalink
      November 1, 2009 7:07 pm

      other contest suggestions

      Best song of Obama era (might have to break that down into separate genres: you’d get thousands of responses)

      Best TV shows Obama era

      Best Book titles “Liberal Book of the month club”

      Best literary parody

      Best Song Parody

      Best “Yo Bama” snaps

      Best Obama “No respect” lines (a la Rodney Dangerfield)

      Best meaning of acronym for Obama, ACORN, TARP, NEA etc.

      Best you might be a liberal if ….

      • snarkandboobs permalink*
        November 1, 2009 7:09 pm

        Got a couple in the works already 🙂 And, yeah, I’m breaking songs down into genres or it would be far too much.

        Adding your suggestions to my list. GREAT ones! Thanks, Lennie!

    6. November 1, 2009 10:54 pm

      LOL, saw your name in Dr. Dave’s sidebar.

      I has one…

      “Fast Times at Capitulation High”

      Thanks for the idea!

    7. November 2, 2009 9:36 am

      Is “Enemy of the State” too obvious?
      Old Kate Hepburn “Bringing up Obama”
      “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”
      “When Harry (Reid) met Silly.”
      “President Evil”
      “The Devil and Mr. Joe”

      Great, now I’m going to be thinking of these all day. Ah well, something to keep me amused while I work.

    8. Call me Lennie permalink
      November 3, 2009 1:34 pm

      Have you compiled the list of the top 100. Because I have. I went strictly by the rankings CtizenKenyan is #1, followed by Manchurian Candidate, followed by Trillion Dollar Baby, followed by whatever got 9 hits , followed by 8 votes and so on. Every Titles that got three hits is included. I included a section of about 35 Honorable Mention, because there were about 110 titles with over 3 votes.

      I was thinking of E-Mailing this to Thomas Lifson over at AmericanThinker. Accordingly, I excised a few titles with profanity because Lifson wouldn’t acccept them otherwise. He’s an old school conservative gentleman

      So if nobody says anything, that’s what I’ll do, in 24 hours. But what should the title be? What about

      The (???) List of the top 100 Films of the Obama Era. (Can’t think of a Good Acronym)

      What about the name of the author — “Fur and Friends” (Fur’s name is well known at A-T)
      “We the Cutups” Any ideas?

      • snarkandboobs permalink*
        November 3, 2009 6:00 pm

        Hey, Lennie!

        Well, we had plans to use the content to do more graphics, attributing the authors of the comments as we went along. We don’t really think it wise to cull all the comments together and shop them as a collection that does nothing for the individual commenters. That sort of thing can damage our relationship with our community; they will feel used, and that is not our intent. Feel free to shop your own comments around, (and they are awesome, by the way) but we don’t feel we have the right nor the authority to make such a compendium.

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