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Obama ‘Digusting and Disgraceful’. If Only He Had ‘Inherited’ Some ‘Acorns’

October 30, 2009

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The Krauthammer comes out swinging and is spot-on as always.

I only have one issue with Krauhammer’s statement; I wouldn’t be quite so kind. Aside from the fact that this is OBAMA’S strategy, he also didn’t “inherit” the office of the Presidency. He campaigned,  for years, for the job. It wasn’t some evil bequest by the nefarious Bush. He asked for the job. You don’t inherit something you chose to do.

Moreover, his ideas of what the job actually entails are also “disgusting.” Um, pardon me, oh wise one, but I’m pretty sure that The Constitution does not mention a thing about the President becoming the “de facto” head of GM, a mortgage holder for The People ™, or playing a doctor at town halls and erroneously believing that he should make our health care decisions. It does say that he is the damn Commander in Chief. I kinda think that President Obama, being a Constitutional Law Professor and all, should have known that before he campaigned so hard for the job.

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h/t Hot Air

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