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My Stomach, My Choice. This Time, It’s Personal

October 15, 2009


First they came for the smokers, and y’all said nothing. Well, now they are after your dinner (and your Red Meat, Conservatives!) I read about the “study”, otherwise known as a stealth preliminary tax proposal aimed to further control your life, highlighted on CNN at The Snooper Report yesterday.

CNN:  Should Americans banish the burger?

(CNN) — Hamburgers are an American passion. And millions of Americans consume burgers, and other forms of meat, every day without consequences.

Should Americans continue to make meat — and particularly hamburgers — part of their diet?

But ground beef contaminated with E. coli bacteria has sickened, paralyzed and even killed some people who ate it.

On Monday night’s “Larry King Live,” a wide range of guests joined an in-depth and spirited debate to answer this question: Should meat, and most specifically hamburgers, be a part of the American diet?

For another guest, even the promise of contamination-free beef wasn’t enough. Dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell University advocates a meat-free diet.

Campbell said he grew up on a dairy farm and for a long time held to the belief that animal protein was an essential part of a healthy diet. He said the results of years of research changed his mind.

The conclusion of his studies: “The closer we get to consuming a whole foods, plant-based diet, the healthier we’re going to be on all accounts.”

In response, I’m re-posting something I had posted at Red State a few months ago. Firstly, because someone has to speak up for our delicious eats; to do otherwise would be Un-American, indeed. Secondly, because I was totally correct and will take any chance to gloat about it.

Pry my Burger and Fries Out of My Cold Dead Hands

Burgers, fries and other various deep-fried foodstuffs. Yes, we like fried eats here in America. We even deep-fry oreos, candy bars and Coke (that was, admittedly, a new one for me. People actually deep-fry cola syrup. I bet it is delish, which is why I will not even tempt myself and won’t give it a go.) “So what,” you may ask? Well, evidently the FDA now wants to keep us safe… from our yummy cereals! OK, they are starting with Cheerios, which aren’t THAT yummy, but still, I don’t like where this is heading. I knew this was coming after I read some “news” articles awhile ago lamenting our slip in life expectancy ranking – which now has some controlling bureaucrat-y sour pusses wanting to get all up in our stuff! Double-stuff, even.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Americans are living longer than ever, but not as long as people in 41 other countries. For decades, the United States has been slipping in international rankings of life expectancy, as other countries improve health care, nutrition and lifestyles.

Countries that surpass the U.S. include Japan and most of Europe, as well as Jordan, Guam and the Cayman Islands. A baby born in the United States in 2004 will live an average of 77.9 years. That life expectancy ranks 42nd, down from 11th two decades earlier, according to international numbers provided by the Census Bureau and domestic numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics.

One of the reasons (besides the, oh so tiresome, lack of socialized medicine excuse) cited for our untimely acts of pushing up daisies; we are lazy and fat – apparently.

Adults in the United States have one of the highest obesity rates in the world. Nearly a third of U.S. adults 20 years and older are obese, while about two-thirds are overweight, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

“The U.S. has the resources that allow people to get fat and lazy,” said Paul Terry, an assistant professor of epidemiology at Emory University in Atlanta. “We have the luxury of choosing a bad lifestyle as opposed to having one imposed on us by hard times.”

The bolded line says it all……..  Jealousy! Leave us alone, disturbing researcher dudes. Obvy, we LIKE being fat and dying young. Yet, we still remain some of the richest and most productive of people – weird, huh? Funny how Freedom, and that Free Market thing, works.

So if we choose to spend our riches on fatty foods, alcohol, cigarettes and cars, to drive our fat asses through fast-food drive-thru windows, shaddup. Don’t worry, we’ll still save all your skinnier, older asses whenever necessary and will continue to give beaucoup (See? Even a redneck American can use Citizen of the World-y terms) foreign aid, as usual. We just need to take a quick snack break or stop to catch our breaths a little more often. Deal with it.

Plus, what is the big deal? Who the hell wants to live too long, doddering around and breaking hips left and right? I’d prefer to enjoy my life now rather than have a few extra years at the tail end, puttering around an empty house, save about a dozen cats (I am fairly certain that I will turn into a crazy cat lady).

It isn’t really financially feasible anyway. We can retire at 62 years old and start collecting social security, which was clearly originally meant for short-term use, not potentially THIRTY YEARS (or more, in the cases of Larry King and Helen “I *do* Remember the Maine” Thomas.)

With just an average life expectancy of almost 78 years people are already receiving retirement benefits for 16 years, from an already collapsing Ponzi scheme. Which just goes to show you how stupid our politicians are; why are they all up in arms and trying to ban things like trans-fats, high-fructose corn syrup and smoking? Wouldn’t these “bad” things help to cull the herd and lessen the drain on social security and health care? Soon, we won’t have enough workers paying in to cover the people getting paid, right? Use your heads, politicians. ENCOURAGE the fatty foods and the smoking! Or if you persist in trying to “save” us, then perhaps a change in the retirement age is called for. Wasn’t the life expectancy when social security was instituted way lower? (I probably should look that up, but as an American, I am far too fat and lazy to do so.)

But, I digress, as always. I say leave our penchant for excess alone. It is a personal decision, a lifestyle choice, or perhaps even a deathstyle. (I’m talking to you, Death Panels. I’d rather have deep-fried bacon-wrapped macaroni and cheese than a little blue pill) And, frankly, this isn’t the business of old white lawyer dudes in Washington… or even half-white lawyer dude presidents (in collusion with the old white, predominantly male, special interest “health industry.”)

Give me liberty or give me death! Or, give me liberty AND death. My stomach, my choice! You will never take my Frrrreeeedom … nor make me eat fat-Free!

And pass the Ho-Hos. Thankies!

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  1. Chrissy in Central New York permalink
    October 15, 2009 3:50 am

    That line about e. coli infected ground meat is such a pile of …. . People have also been infected with e. coli from SPINACH.

  2. Wsorrian permalink
    October 15, 2009 4:00 am

    It’s a gross encroachment of personal freedoms.

    First off, I have to point out these morons neglect to mention the Escherichia Coli outbreak from peanut butter and broccoli in recent years.

    That idiot from Cornell is a dangerous man. He speaks about things he knows nothing about. The vegetarian diet is disasterous for young children and expectant mothers, as well as active teenagers. There is new information showing that strict vegan or vegetarian diets can have seriously adverse effects on the body. Some doctors now believe that those who claim to do well on those diets, do so because they cheat and somewhere along the way they consume meat protein. Even this article in defense of vegan diets, admits this restrictive nature can be deadly.

    Of course their qualifying argument is as follows: “Sadly, there have been instances in which infants have suffered serious ill health or even death when reared on very restricted macrobiotic vegan diets. However, thousands of children (including several born to members of Oxford Vegetarians) have been reared successfully on vegan diets and The Vegan Society recommends that all vegans include a reliable source of vitamin B12 in their diet and eat a wide variety of foods, especially nutrient-rich foods in the case of children.”

    This completely neglects to mention any long term effects on the children who do survive this torture. More proof to the horror veganism and vegetarian diets impose on society:

    The major argument vegans have against this view is “people don’t know how to make a properly nutritious vegan diet”. Which of course just raises the question of if it’s so difficult then there aren’t many acceptable combinations. Meaning you limit your diet and thus become intolerant of different foods. Not to mention the dangers of a narrow dietary spectrum.

    An excerpt from this article: “Cohort studies of vegetarians have shown a moderate reduction in mortality from IHD but little difference in other major causes of death or all-cause mortality in comparison with health-conscious non-vegetarians from the same population. Studies of cancer have not shown clear differences in cancer rates between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. More data are needed, particularly on the health of vegans and on the possible impacts on health of low intakes of long-chain n-3 fatty acids and vitamin B(12). Overall, the data suggest that the health of Western vegetarians is good and similar to that of comparable non-vegetarians.”

    Yeah so a moderate reduction in mortality from heart disease but increased chance of infant death and no significant improvement anywhere else and a good chance of serious malnutrition. Hmmmm, which should we choose?

    Humans flourished because we are generalists. We can eat just about anything and survive. Limited diets inevitably lead to limited range. From the evolutionary standpoint we got this way from eating meat (probably carrion) when we started leaving the trees. This along with the discovery of fire (cooking), increased our brain and braincase size. This directly lead to our use of tools and eventually our dominance of the planet. So yeah PETA and Cornell crackpots, let’s climb the evolutionary ladder just to swan dive off of it. Spectacularly ignorant.

    My personal experience with children, who do not consume sufficient animal protein, leads me to believe there may be psycological effects as well as physiological. I have 2 nephews with very different tastes. One would gnaw on a cow grazing in the pasture, the other might eat a serving of meat every 8-10 days(not for lack of trying to get him to eat better). The T-Rex is a well-adjusted, strong, and extremely smart young man. The Bean Pole is skinny, riddled with ADD, and though highly intelligent himself, he has problems focusing and he tires far more easily than he should. That is personal experience and not to be taken as a scientific study.

    • Wsorrian permalink
      October 15, 2009 4:42 am

      I know I turned this thread into my talking points bulletin and I apologize Mrs.Boobs.

      But I can’t let this nonsense on life expectancy go. We are comparing coutries with wildly different demographics. Minorities such as blacks and Hispanics typically have shorter life spans, by as much as 12 years in some civilized coutries but on average it’s about 5-7 years. Canada, for instance has a higher life expectancy but has a black population of 2.5% and Latin American population of 1%. Compared to the US populations of 12.8% and 15.4% respectively. That will vastly skew the life expectancy for the US to the low side and thus, is incomparable to nations of 90%+ Caucasian or Asian populations. America also has a much higher rate of mixed race peoples. Keep in mind the US statistics are from 2008 and the Canadian stats are from 2006. The difference is neglible and will not affect the overall premise.

      • snarkandboobs permalink*
        October 17, 2009 2:07 am

        I *like* when you turn it into a talking points bulletin, wsorrian, because your points are always spot-on. Thankies!

        Giggling madly at Mrs. Boobs too.

        • Wsorrian permalink
          October 17, 2009 5:44 pm

          I am glad I can be informative to people. Makes me feel useful for once. 😀

          There are certain subjects I am very passionate about and sometimes I get carried away. Anything that involves children instantly invokes a protective emotional response. Just below that is falsified or intellectually dishonest statistic mongering that the UN is famous for. This issue is no exception. Combine all those elements and I go ballistic.

  3. Reiuxcat permalink
    October 15, 2009 7:30 am

    I’m a bit bothered by the life expectancy calculations not being standard from counrty to country.

    That being said, what bothers me more is if the current health care debacle is passed, there will eventually be a food police, an obesity police, a calisthenics police, forced abortions or sterilization to manage family size. Then we’ll see denial of care (aka death panels) to punish those that refuse to march the new goose step.

    But I’m willing to bet a year’s pay that none of the above will apply to the politicians. Afterall, they’ll get to keep their healthcare for starters, right? And it seems some consider themselves the ruling elite already. To wit, smoking is banned in all government buildings, but I betcha the smoker in cheif doesn’t follow that rule. I’m just saying….

    • October 15, 2009 9:40 am

      You and I have the exact same fear, RCat. This is the first step for the govt to run every part of your life. No thank you. I’m an avid cigar smoker, I enjoy it immensely and just know I’m going to be a target (more than I already am…)

    • snarkandboobs permalink*
      October 17, 2009 2:08 am

      To wit, smoking is banned in all government buildings, but I betcha the smoker in cheif doesn’t follow that rule. I’m just saying….

      Heh. Good point! Unless he *does* escape outside … I would. To escape Michelle.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    October 15, 2009 8:50 am

    Guam is not a country, and Spam is the mainstay of their diet.

  5. October 15, 2009 9:10 am

    If hamburgers are banned, I’m just going to eat more liberal. It’ll be my little part of helping to clean up the environment.

    • Seanette permalink
      October 17, 2009 4:23 am

      I’d question food safety there. 🙂

  6. October 15, 2009 9:31 am

    Amen, my friend. I made a similar comment here about smoking bans in restaurants… not exactly the same issue, but close.

    Another thing, I’ve always laughed at how they calculate Obesity…. fall of 2003, I was 6’2″ and 240 pounds, running five miles three times or more a week and I was considered “overweight”. Give me a break.

  7. Bob permalink
    October 15, 2009 10:08 am

    Who the hell want to live a longer life when the scumbags in washington legislate how we are to live, what we should drink, smoke etc etc?

  8. John permalink
    October 15, 2009 11:13 am

    Now, now we know the government can’t tell us what to eat. Remember, they’re our bodies. We learned from Roe v. Wade that we have control over ourselves.

    Our lower life expectancy is not due to our health care system or diets, it’s because we don’t get as long vacations as the Europeans. They generally get four weeks! It’s often mandated by government. If we all took longer vacations, we’d work less and live longer.

  9. Winterstorm permalink
    October 15, 2009 4:54 pm

    Lets not forget, those life expectancy numbers include homicide and car crashes. I’m in athletic shape, but I’m sure bullets to my chest or two tons of steel colliding into my Bike at 80 MPH would affect me the same as someone in need of quadruple bypass.

    This is nothing but letting statistics lie for you by being misleading. Im waiting for the liberals to start on ‘Did you know 98% of heroine addicts drank milk in their life time? We should ban Milk! Or legalise heroine, you know, which ever is easier.’

    This is so ridiculous, If it was an Onion article I would say they’ve just gotten lazy because this was too crazy for the most radical nut liberal moron with hairplugs implanted in the brain. Whats next, they want Italy to stop using pasta because it has too many carbs? Japan supposed to give up Sake because it can damage the liver? After all, thats dangerous stuff. But Iran supporting the Taliban, fighting us almost openly in Afghanistan, their leader believing he will usher in the Muslim messiah by destroying every Jew and American, and becoming a Nuclear power? Well that worry needs to be put aside until we deal with the imminent Carnivore Crisis.

    Screw this crap, I’m going to Wendys.

    • snarkandboobs permalink*
      October 17, 2009 2:04 am

      Screw this crap, I’m going to Wendys.

      After my own heart! Totally with you .. though, I might hit Sonic instead. Onion rings, so yummy. Plus, they have an awesome banana sundae.

  10. Cindy permalink
    October 16, 2009 7:09 am

    It suspect enough for me that they ae touting a W.H.O. study on health and longevity. They include in the study “how socialized” a country is when they developed this report. This international organization is operated by international socialists that have their own agenda. I take it with a grain of salt. Ranked 41! A little like saying US is #1 richest country in terns of GDP, NOT we are 8th. Read Truth and Transformation.

  11. Bob permalink
    October 16, 2009 8:39 pm

    The absurdity of all this sort of invasive ideology is that the kind of 1984 world these evil bastards evidently wish to create is not conducive to citizens caring too much about how long they’re going to live.
    If Big Brother wants to dictate my every move, I’d rather go out with guns blazing-I suspect many others feel the same way.

  12. DEVILDOC permalink
    October 16, 2009 9:33 pm

    I remember the WHO….I just loved TOMMY, you know the pin ball wizard….

    But I have to agree with Bob…Lock and Load….or as the Libs would say sweet dreams.

  13. bigfurHat permalink
    October 17, 2009 1:47 am

    “I apologize Mrs. Boobs”

    Now THAT’S entertainment!


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