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Must Not Have Been a ‘Hate-Hate’ Crime

September 30, 2009
Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Photo Courtesy of USA Today

At least, according to President Obama. Robert Gibbs today:

Gibbs says, though, government cannot regulate what’s in people’s hearts. He says the White House believes such crimes call for community involvement.

I suppose that means Honor students aren’t covered under Hate Crime legislation.

Derrion Albert was an honor student who was merely walking to his bus stop when he got caught in the middle of a *real* angry mob; a bunch of violent, sociopathic gang members.

And was beaten to death. With splintered railroad ties. Struck over and over until he blacked out.  When he came to, he was struck again with a railroad tie. And then was punched and stomped on (his head) repeatedly. Until he died.

I’m not embedding the video of his murder.  Maybe I should, but I can’t bring myself to do so. You can find it here:

Mothers of 2 Fenger suspects react

Derrion Albert, a 16-year-old boy who was not allowing himself to be a victim and sought to make something GOOD and wonderful of himself. At 16 he had a better work ethic and far better character than many twice or three times his age. Who was working hard, who had a whole, full and extremely promising life ahead of him. A brilliant boy, who loved computers and his family, who say he was a bit of  homebody, likely because he found peace there and could be himself.

Derrion was small, only 5-foot-7. He was a “ladies’ man” and a homebody, family members said.Derrion’s grandfather Joseph Walker sat in his living room, tearfully recounting his grandson’s life. Displayed on the table in front of him was the honor roll report card and certificate for outstanding attendance.

“Derrion put his key in that door every day at 3:15,” said Walker, who was taking care of the teenager. “He would get something to eat and get on the computer, where he would stay most of the night.”

Walker said his grandson asked if he could hang out with some friends Thursday after school. Walker said OK, but insisted Derrion be back by 7 p.m.

He never made it. Witnesses said Derrion was near the community center, 342 W. 111th St., when a group of teenagers walking east met up with a group coming from the west. The fight began, they said, with about 10 teenagers. By the time it was finished, witnesses and police said, more than 50 youths were involved.

Rest in Peace, Derrion. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and loved ones in their time of grief.

Annette Hold, mother of  Blair Holt, a Chicago Public Schools student who was killed in street violence 2 years ago said this:

“another promising future, just snuffed out because of violence … we have to do something different here because obviously we didn’t solve the problem.”

“Someone said he (Derrion) was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” she said. “No, he wasn’t. He was in the right place. He was coming from school.”

She’s right, of course. And Chicago does have to do something different.  Maybe try tossing out all their corrupt politicians and cutting loose the “advocates” who do nothing but advocate for themselves and their own benefit.

Oh, also the President finds the  indescribably disturbing and heinously vile video of the fatal beating “chilling”. I guess that’s a step up from “gravely concerned”.  Still, nothing really to see here. Move along..

He told reporters they should expect an announcement on an administration response to the “heinous crime” soon.

No rush. Shopping in Denmark with the wifey awaits.

Or, instead of worrying about bringing the Olympics to Chicago, how about actually doing something For The Children of Chicago? (For real this time instead of postured rhetoric.)

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  1. September 30, 2009 4:50 pm

    Hi Snark and Boobs. Trouble in the hood is getting worse. I think Colors was a film that brought attention to this for me as a kid. Now, I see it everyday. Bottom line, it ain’t like it was when we were kids. Scary. You should see these gang bangers and dregs I deal with. The inner cities need education, money, etc…

    Hard to imagine living in a place where some bullet could go through the window at any random moment in time. Or, thugs kill you at school. How do you fix it? It’s not a partisan issue, is it? It’s not. Such a contention would be absurd. I don’t know. I can just tell you, it’s been going on for decades now in different forms. Fights aren’t settled with fists on a playground. Here, a girl got stabbed at a high school b/c of a lesbian love triangle. A case I had, some punk shot up a bunch of kids and was a member of The Latin Kings. He was “indoctrinated” at age 12. No chance (except I helped take down the local King organization and flipped him), but, I saved his life. We’ll see in five years.

    When people have no money — not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out, you get more crime. That’s universal and has nothing really to do with politics. Sociology. It’s tough to get outta’ the ‘hood.

    What do you suggest? I’d love to know (although it would be bad for biz). This crap happens in every city virtually. People are nuts. Ever see the video of the girls beating the crap out of this one girl just to get it on YouTube? Or the bus fights? Sick shit. How do you stop it?

    Spike Lee tried through film in “Do The Right Thing.” Other films come to mind. The programs for the Juvies suck. Kids don’t respect their parents like we did. I blame technology to an extent. But, this stuff has been happening since before that.

    I don’t know where politics plays a role in the death of this boy. It’s awful. What should we do Snark and Boobs? If you write back, DM me.

  2. Marvin permalink
    October 2, 2009 6:10 pm

    Seems like in a lot of “inner cities” it’s the “community organizing” , as well as lack of parental involvement, that causes the problems.
    I could go on about no education leads to no job which leads to drug dealing (face it-they’re not completely stupid: $30.00/shift for working at MikD’s vs $500.00 a day standing around selling crack on the intersection) gang membership, carjacking, and all the other stuff that leads to imprisonment or death.
    I believe the general drift away from Faith that society has been undergoing for some time may have something to do with it. If you don’t go to church and learn any morality or christian-like principles, it’s unlikely you will learn them out in the streets.
    It begins at home. Are you parents teaching a good work ethic? Show a good example for your kids to follow? Do you care enough about your kid to raise them right? Because if parents aren’t able or willing to fix it, The schools and the cops and the government aren’t going to fix it either.

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