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Pot, Meet Kettle. Guess it was OK to interrupt speeches when it was THAT President

September 10, 2009

Or perhaps it was different, not as “improper” nor oh-so-appalling since it was THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT CAUCUS as opposed to just one fed-up man. One man? Viciously spreading truth? The horror! (said with feigned indignation – credit where credit is due; y’all are awfully good at that). People have been sneered at and called thugs, mobs, Un-American, Racists, Brown Shirts, and now even political Terrorists for months. Yet you are somehow surprised and outraged when they get fed-up and burst out with the truth?

And, hey, remember when George Bush was BOOED at Obama’s inauguration? That was totally cool, though, huh? The epitome of decorum.

To be fair, Wilson did make the grave mistake of NOT hurling his shoe at him as well. I’ve heard that is super cool.

Hypocrites, heal thyself.

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  1. Reiuxcat permalink
    September 10, 2009 9:24 pm

    Super Cool to throw shoe? LOL

    Depends on what side of the shoe you are on. 🙂

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