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Kennedy, The Cowardly ‘Lion’ shows NO Remorse

August 28, 2009

Kennedy’s ‘apology’: Jokes About Chappaquiddick

(video via Hot Air)



He enjoyed JOKING about Chappaquiddick. Not the scene of a college prank; the scene of a manslaughter. The place where he left a bright young woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, to die alone.

If you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, to believe that perhaps he repented in some way, I think it’s pretty clear that would be wrong.

His actions, throughout his long life … a luxury Mary Jo Kopechne did not have due to HIS actions alone …  proved otherwise time and time again. The joking. The NEVER apologizing to her family. The fact that he wouldn’t even acknowledge her existence by name (hmm, maybe where Clinton got that “That woman” thing. See, if they are nameless and faceless, they don’t exist, apparently. They are replaceable and of no value if their very existence is inconvenient to end goals.)

Still need further proof? How about his public “apology”?

Nice apology, huh? Morally obligated to plead guilty to “leaving scene of  accident”? But not morally obligated to take responsibility for TAKING A LIFE? Not morally obligated to feel one ounce of remorse?

“A terrible week FOR ME and MY FAMILY”.  “I feel”. “The publicity and innuendo”. “My standing among my people”. “My seat in the Senate”

THAT was what bothered him. Anything that affected HIM only. Not one word about the life he took. Not even an acknowledgement of her name, Mary Jo Kopechne, OR of her DEATH.

That is not a hero. That is not a man to be lionized.

That is a coward.

That is a weak man. That is a person who put his OWN personal gain and quest for power above an innocent life. A human being was disposable to him, as long as he achieved what he wanted to achieve.

For 40 years. Including his last days on this Earth.

Classy? Respect? Nah, not so much.

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