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Oh, Well THAT’S Different; Lockerbie Bomber ‘Promised’ Not to Celebrate

August 24, 2009
Buffoonish Tool

Buffoonish Tool

And, you know, Terrorists are known to be honest, good, men of their word.

I wrote about the release when it happened. I thought I was as angry as I could possibly ever be then; I was wrong.

Lockerbie bomber broke promise not to celebrate, says Kenny MacAskill

The man who took the decision to free the Lockerbie bomber from jail on compassionate grounds accused him yesterday of breaking an undertaking not to celebrate his release.

Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi, the Libyan convicted of the bombing, had shown “no sensitivity” to the families of those who died, Kenny MacAskill, Scotland’s Justice Secretary, told the Scottish Parliament. It was the first time that Scotland’s Nationalist administration has joined the condemnation of the triumphal scenes.

Aware that Britain is caught in the cross-hairs of international outrage, Gordon Brown is expected today to urge Libya not to fête al-Megrahi further. Appearing before the cameras for the first time in weeks, Mr Brown will hold talks at No 10 with Binyamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, before taking questions from the press.

And what sensitivity did YOU show the families of those who died, Mr. MacAskill?  I expected nothing less from the MURDERER, but funnily enough, I did expect more from you… I’ve learned that I shan’t make that mistake again and I hope your Countrymen agree.

In Mr MacAskill’s statement yesterday to the Holyrood Parliament he said that the jubilation that greeted al-Megrahi in Libya, which included waving Scottish flags, was “a matter of great regret” to him. Libya had flouted assurances to the Scottish government that al-Megrahi would be given a muted reception in Tripoli, he said.

Mr MacAskill included al-Megrahi himself in his condemnation, saying that the man whom he had released on compassionate grounds because he was suffering from terminal cancer had shown “no sensitivity” by being a willing part of the triumphalist scenes.

He had been received in Tripoli in “an inappropriate manner”, Mr MacAskill said. “It showed no compassion or sensitivity to the families of the 270 victims of Lockerbie. Assurances had been given by the Libyan Government that any return would be dealt with in a low-key and sensitive fashion.”

Here’s a tip for you, dumbass tool, Sir … Someone who MURDERS 270 people? Yeah, they generally don’t have any qualms about lying.

Secondly, what difference does that even make? THAT is an excuse for releasing him?  Oh, sure, he may have committed an act of terrorism that sent a plane full of innocent people to a fiery, terrifying, painful death, but as long as he “promises” that he won’t par-tay and celebrate … after we LET HIM GO after serving only 11 days per murder… then, it’s all cool.

I’m fairly forgiving and understand that everyone has a right to be stupid. But you, sir, abuse the privilege.   You Asshat of a Fool. To your credit, at least you look as well as act the part. Nice picture, you buffoon.

Shame on you. And damn you. You who let him go, as well as all who are celebrating the same.

h/t ExurbanJon

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