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Angry? Well, Now I Am: I Am The Mob.

August 5, 2009

Since we are now “an angry mob”, let’s embrace it and explain to those who think we are just nameless, faceless nutty nuts, just HOW we are so mob-like.

Use this hashtag, if you twittery tweet: #Iamthemob

Caleb Howe explains how and gives example, here at ActiCons.

Here are my reasons:

Hey y’all,can’t decide which gift to order with my Shill For Insurance Company Reward Points; Manolos or opera glasses? #tcot #iamthemob #rs

I’m a Mama who doesn’t wear Mom jeans, a daughter, a sister, a friend who believes in Liberty. #iamthemob

I pay for my doctor’s visits out of pocket. I also rent rather than obtain mortgages I can’t afford. #iamthemob

I shower, shave, wear cute skirts and strappy sandals and choose to look like a woman. #iamthemob

I believe in peaceful assembly and the redress of grievances. #iamthemob

I think Rations are a type of military meal and not a way to “cost-effectively” cull the herd. #iamthemob

I don’t want a man who says “oh, just take a pill” to be in charge of my Epidural decisions. #iamthemob

I will not hide behind veil of phony victimhood . #iamthemob

I’m tired of being called a gender-traitor for embracing femininity and Motherhood. #iamthemob

I believe if you have an entitlement mentality, it should only entitle you to STFU #iamthemob

Heh. RT @mitrebox: .@whitehouse Pervert Alert #fishy RT @allahpundit: @snarkandboobs Stop, you’re getting me hot here

Babs Boxer, Ma’am : Manufactured We’re Not, And We’re Hot. Get Used to It.

Dear Babs Boxer, Ma’am : We’ll be seen and We’re Clean! Get Used To It. #iamthemob

Dear Babs Boxer, Ma’am: We behave and we shave. Get Used To It. #iamthemob

Dear Babs Boxer, Ma’am: We won’t be conned, Nice clothes we’ve donned. Get Used to It.

Because I am a shill …. for my own family. #iamthemob

Because I’m smarter than “Better Than You” Politicians think. #iamthemob

I believe charity begins at home, not in a “committee” of bureaucrats. #iamthemob

I don’t get Cash for my Clunker. I drive it to SAVE cash. #iamthemob

I don’t trust the Government with a speculum . #iamthemob

You know what? Maybe this is OUR Moment. That’s right, President Obama, I’m stealing your words and turning them right back around at you. We mobsters are good like that.

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  1. August 5, 2009 11:06 pm

    We’re not tweeting too much until it’s trending.

  2. TxTess permalink
    August 7, 2009 10:41 pm

    I really enjoyed this post on Red State and followed the links. I have stolen the the statement “walk softly and carry a big lipstick.” for my signature there. I also liked the well endowed tag, but if I get loud I sound like Mini Mouse which defeats the purpose.

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