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Opposing Obamacare is DoublePlusUngood and CrimeThink.

August 4, 2009

Report your friends and family, Stat!

No further snark, for now at least, because this is simply too frightening. Plus, I simply can’t explain it as well as Jeff Emanuel; you can read his take here.

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  1. Wsorrian permalink
    August 5, 2009 3:07 am

    Mrs.Boobs, I was feeling good all day after I read your STFU czar piece. Now the dems really killed by buzz. Not only are we to narc on everybody, apparently our townhall protests are “manufactured” as well. Not only that, after reading the stories I browsed the comment sections. According to the non-manufactured comments on these “articles”, we conservative republicans are trying to make the country ungovernable or incite civil war or make America fail or (as you put it) we are just “crazypants”.

    Seriously, it’s not cool to bring people down like that. Anyway, I need to read my republican issued, insurance company endorsed townhall meeting rhetoric newsletter so I can be prepared for the meetings in my town. Got to memorize my talking points to scream at those crazypants democrats. =)

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